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Reviews for Vetri-Lysine Plus For Cats, 120 Bite-Sized Soft Chews (1016850)

A necessity for cats with FHV
Author: Matthew
Location: Florida
I had a hard time believing this product would work, because I never noticed any difference when taking supplements myself, but this stuff really works. My cat Daisy was always getting sick and it seemed I was taking her to the vet practically every other month. She had the same problems every time (eye infections, respiratory problems) and her vet bills were costing me a fortune. It wasn’t until her last trip, that the Vet suggested adding L-lysine to her diet to help control the FHV virus that she had. I tried crushing over the counter L-lysine and adding it to her soft food with poor results and nearly gave up on the idea, when I heard about this product. Since starting her on Vetri-Lysine she’s had one minor outbreak, but it cleared up within days. Otherwise, she’s been asymptomatic now for about 4 months and seems healthier overall. If you have a cat suffering from FHV get this stuff.

PS- I was worried she wouldn’t eat them, because she’s the pickiest cat in the world, but she seems to like really them.

Great product that my fussy cats love
Author: Peg in MN
My two cats have been eating 2 soft chews twice a day for over a year now, and have not had a herpes virus flare up for 10 months. I am very pleased at how effective L-Lysine is for controlling this virus. I have also tried the gel and powder forms, but the soft chews is the most delicious form for my cats.

Great Product!
Author: Pauline
Location: Arizona
My Tiger doesn't mind getting his eye drops so he can have his Vetri-Lysine Plus treats. I told my vet about them and she was impressed that there is a product with Lysine that cats love. His eye Herpes problem has become stable and I believe this product has helped keep it that way. Thanks for such a wonderful product and Tiger thanks you, too.

Great treats for cats
Author: Sarah
<p>Great treats for cats that are prescribed the lysine powder and will not take that with food. I purchased these and a different brand and am very happy with both as my very picky kitties will eat either of them. I will mention that they are quite big, but can be cut in half if your kitty has an issue chewing them.</p>

Like all the others I give this 5 Stars
Author: Cheryl
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
I adopted a cat from the local Humane Society and she ended up being diagnosed with the feline herpes virus. My vet recommended this product to keep it under control. My cat has been on Vetri-Lysine Plus for 4 months now. Last month she was slightly sneezing for a few days but it then went away. I give it to her 2x a day and she runs when she hears me opening the bag for her 'treat.'

Love the chews
Author: Kathy
My cat has a running eye and these chews help keep it clear. I was paying more at the vet's office. I am glad you carry it too.

Major Improvement thanks to Vetri-Lysine Plus
Author: Jenn
Location: Indianapolis
I recently adopted a Persian cat from a shelter. After taking him to my vet, he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. My vet recommended Vetri-lysine plus to help with the infection and also as a general maintenance supplement since Sunny has tear duct and respiratory issues due to his breed and nasal structure. I ran out of the treats and decided to shop around before purchasing more. I found exactly what I needed on your website and the price was the best by far! My order came within 2 days and I can tell already that he is feeling better! Thank you for the excellent price and speedy delivery. I will definitely order more from your company in the future.

My cat loves them!
Author: Anita Smolik
We could not get our cat to eat the pulverized Lysine tablets that we put in her food, nor the spray type that we tried to get into her mouth. The first time I put 2 of the Vetri-Lysine Plus soft chews on the floor for my cat, she immediately picked them up and chewed them down! My cat needs to take Lysine for her herpes, to prevent further eye problems, so it is really necessary for her to ingest this vitamin. Even though it is a lot more expensive than the OTC Lysine tablets you can buy at the pharmacy, it is worth it to have her take them so easily.

My Cats Love It
Author: Karen
Location: New Mexico
My cats are FeLV+ and the vet recommended L-Lysine to help keep them healthy. They wouldn't eat the powder and shook the gel off their paws, but the gobble up these treats.

My cats love these!
Author: C. Curtis
Location: WA
I give these to my older 2 cats. One of them seems to get a slight upper respiratory "thing" going, on occasion w/no serious issues. However when I give him these, he improves and his condition never worsens thankfully. I believe these do work. Bonus: all the cats go crazy over these as they are viewed as a treat. I have to keep the bags hidden away from cats as they have helped themselves to the bags more than once.

No hassle meds!
Author: Carol
Location: Ashford, CT
Steinway, my black & white feline, loves these as a tasty topping

to his daily meals. The soft chews are so easily dosed and hassle free.

The cost is also about $10.00 less than the cost at my vet's office;

another plus - no "nose prints' on my windows anymore and no more

sneezes from Steinway.

Not Bad
Author: Theboys
<p>Bought this for my cat who has herpes issues. While he liked these, he did not like them as much as the Optixcare. Also, it takes four to get 500mg dose of Lysine. While Optixcare it only takes one. When you have other cats who try to muscle treats away, it's better to get a higher dose in one treat albeit one that's larger</p>

Shake the Bag and She Comes Running!
Author: Marcia
Location: La Grange Park, IL
My kitten will need to be on 500 mg of l-lysine daily for the rest of her life. I had a tough time finding a consistently easy way to get her to take the l-lysine until I read several promising reviews on Vetri-Lysine Plus for Cats and decided to give the product a try. She regards the soft chews as a treat! Rest assured, I'll be stocking up.

Terrific Product
Author: Shirley
Location: Michigan
My cat has been on Lysine powder and at times it was a struggle to get him to eat it consistently. Recently we even had to resort to putting the powder in water and feed it through a syringe just to get his daily dose in. My vet recommend the Vetri-Lysine Plus and ever since we started them he can't get enough. He would eat them all day long and substitute them for food if he had his way. Great product!

Vetri Lysine Plus
Author: Willie
Location: Mass.
I purchased this product at VetDepot, and the price was by the lowest I found. It was in my mail box 2 days after ordering it. Great products, great price and super fast shipping.

Vetri Lysine Plus - great product
Author: happy customer
Location: tennessee
The kitties go crazy for these "treats", I haven't told them it was good for them but I don't think that would slow them down at all. This was a great price and super fast delivery. I am impressed with VetDepot AND this product which the vet introduced me to for a kitten with chronic runny nose.

Vetri-Lysine for Cats
Author: Vicky
Location: Jackson, MI
My cat has (FHV) Feline Herpes Virus in his eyes and was given Lysine powder by the vet, but I couldn't get him to eat it, tasted very BAD. He LOVES these treats, and looks forward to them. Very convenient to use, and has kept the virus dorment. LOVE the product, only wish they were available at my local pet store but for my cats eyes to feel better, I do about anything.

Vetri-Lysine Plus
Author: Susan
Location: NC
My vet recommended this product for my cat. After paying double for it through my vet, I found it at VetDepot. My cat loves them and it has really helped him. VetDepot helped my pocketbook. Great product. Easy to order and fast shipping.

Vetri-Lysine Plus for Cats
Author: Susan
Location: NC
My vet prescribed these and I found the product through VetDepot for a lot cheaper. It was so easy to order and I received the product very quickly.

Vetri-Lysine Plus for Cats
Author: Shirley
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
This is the second time I have ordered this product, and my cat really loves them. He needs it for his re-occuring herpes of the eye. Since he was getting bored with the powder and soft food, the treats are a great way for him to get his medicine without the hassle. I will keep ordering them for as long as my cat is alive.

Vetri-Lysine Plus For Cats 120 Bite-Sized Soft Chews
Author: Joan
Location: Florida
Love this product AND Vet Depot ! My cats love the taste AND I love that I am

keeping them healthy from catching colds giving them something they will take

happily. Vet Depot had the BEST price of any places I checked.

Vetri-Lysine Plus For Cats, 120 Bite-Sized Soft Chews
Author: Maureen & Mouse
Location: central New York
I originally had to give these to my cat "Mouse" when she had an eye infection. When the bag ran out, I searched for a good price and I found it at VetDepot! The price was great and I received the product very quickly. I have told several of my friends about the website and they will probably use it the next time they need something for their animals.

Vetri-Lysine Plus For Cats, 120 Bite-Sized Soft Chews
Author: Mandy
Location: north tonawanda
All four of my cats loved these treats and they helped control the symptoms of feline herpes:-)

Vetri-Lysine Plus For Cats, 120 Bite-Sized Soft Chews
Author: Diana
Location: Colorado
I have several cats and have offered the lysine chews to all. Amazingly the ones who specifically need lysine are readily taking them. Two who came from a feral colony and have eye conditions, have had great improvements in a short amount of time. This is a product that I will always have to have on the shelf!

V-Lysine Works with my cat!!!
Author: CowriderKA
Location: NY
Late November a year ago, a feral cat showed up in my barn late one night. He was very sick. After vetting the cat, learned he would need the Lysine for life. The product has certainly worked to keep this cat healthy! I tried to reduce the amount over time but he actually needs the recommended dosage to keep him healthy. Great product! Thank you!

worked well
Author: bccl
Location: seattle
Product was given by our vet for a "kitty cold" . Our baby was stuffy, sneezing and her sinus were swollen. Gave her 2 chews twice daily for 10 days and she was better (we also added goat milk w/probiotics to her raw food)...

No problem eating them, just broke them up into smaller pcs. If she starts sneezing, we just given her a daily dose for 2 days and we are good.

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