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Reviews for Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews, 60 Soft Chews (1016731)

Better than pills
Author: Kim
Location: Colorado
My dog has to take a supplement to detox her liver. After trying different medications, some purchased through the vet, others purchased at health stores, I have found this is the best for her. I don't have to fight her to take a pill, she loves them and gladly eats them. Best of all she seems to be feeling much better, I actually see a difference with these gems.

dog loves them
Author: Lilly's mom
Location: WV
This is a better price than the other liver supplement we were using for our dog. She loves them but they do really stink! I keep it closed tightly!

Great supplement for pets
Author: Lily Wilson
Location: Somerville Mass
Vetri-Liver Support for Dogs contains all the nutrients my dog needs to be healthy. I was looking for something that contained milk thistle and other liver supplements without a lot of extra garbage, and this product is perfect for what I want.

My dog loves them!
Author: Maria F
I've been trying to find a liver supplement that my dog will like and this is it! These can be cut smaller if you have a small dog.

One of the best supplements around
Author: Tony
Location: Skaneateles, NY
I have been using the Vetri-Livers for about 2 years, since my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. I scoured the web for information when I found out and discovered an almost infinite amount of products. Luckily, I got on a good track with a support group that was organized by someone who had been through it. I did a lot of reading and got onto a good regimen of supplements along with the Vetri Livers. Needless to say, after an operation to remove the tumor and a giant change in food and supplement habits, my buddy is healthy and at 13 still hops around like a puppy.

Over the years I have kept looking for the best prices on all the different things he's on. Luckily I found Vet Depot while I was surfing Ebay and I have found the best price on VetriLiver anywhere. Furthermore, these chews seem to be the best I've come across... the smell is strong, the color is perfect, and it seems all the chews are in solid pieces. I know that might seem irrelevant, but over the years I've had some bags that smell like road kill and some where half the bag seemed to be in broken pieces with a bunch of crumbs at the bottom.

Any way, I'll be shopping here again. I hope this helps.

Safe Product, Good Price
Author: Aunty B
Location: CT
My Chessie is 13 years old and her liver is not functioning well so she is taking Vetri-Liver Canine Chews. She will be on this for the rest of her life, so I am very happy to have found VetDepot and a good price. They had a delay in the last shipment and they called me to see if Sunny would be OK for a little longer. I order ahead so we were fine. How nice was that!! You don't have that happen very often! Thank you VetDepot.

Vetri-Liver Support for Dogs
Author: Dawn, Zephyrhills FL
Location: United States
Vetri-Liver Support for Dogs is a dream come true for us. Our Shiba Inu was diagnosed with microvascular liver shunting. He had experienced seizures and since starting this supplement combined with Lactulose he has remained happy, energetic, and seizure free. Thanks to VetDepot it's easy to obtain as well. Our vet never seemed to have it in stock which made refill time very stressful. Even when ordered 2 weeks in advance we would run out before they obtained it. VetDepot delivered to us the same week we ordered! Thank you VetDepot and Vetri-Liver Support for Dogs for keeping my "baby" seizure free!

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