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Reviews for Senilife XL Capsules, 30 (1016631)

Author: Jane - VA
My 14-year-old dog has been taking the capsules for 2 months and has shown improvement. This supplement is not a cure-all but it has helped with some of the dementia symptoms she was exhibiting such as confusion and pacing. She still shows a bit of the sundowner's syndrome when it becomes dark but is now sleeping for several hours through the night. You should still consult with your veterinarian before beginning treatment, but overall this has helped with the symptoms.

Author: Mary Ellen
Location: New York
This is not a cure-all for old age, but within two weeks of starting the medication our Lab's pacing and whining after dark was nearly eliminated; he seems much calmer overall.

Senilife XL
Author: Unknown
Location: Eastern Washington State
Connor is no longer waking in the middle of the night confused and milling around the bedroom or worse, getting on the bed and milling around. He also seems more alert and active and interested in things during the day - this helps with overall physical fitness for a canine senior citizen.

I just bury the capsule in his raw diet patties and he gulps it down.

Senilife XL Capsules
Author: Judy
Location: Centennial, CO
I'm not sure anything will bring back Dallas' youth and quick reaction time but Senilife seems to help with his stability and vitality. Dallas is 15 and has the spirit of a 3 year-old but those neurons are just not firing like a 3 year-old's would.

But Senilife seems to be making life a lot less stressful for him (and me!). He sleeps through the night and, frankly, loves life even though his age has brought on the wobblies!

Senilife XL Capsules, 30
Author: RP
Location: Midwest
Are 13.5 yr old Aussie Shepherd/Husky mix was already taking Anipryl for cognitive dysfunction. Rather than increasing the dosage amount of Anipryl which is required to continue it's efficacy we started supplementing it with Senilife XL. While I cannot say with absolute certainty that Senilife is effective, I can say that our dog's condition did not worsen and this leads me to believe that Senilife is bolstering the effects of the Anipryl. The reason I rated it at 3 stars is due to the price, which is extremely high given the ingredients in the formulation. This is not the fault of, but is the fault of the manufacturer.

Senilife-it works!
Author: Teri
Location: Brighton
Ebony, our 12 year old dog, and Ellie our 4 year old dog, were not getting along. We took them to a behaviorist who recommended we put Ebony on Senilife. The behaviorist explained that due to her cognitive decline she was not picking up on signals Ellie was giving her. We started Ebony on Senilife and noticed an improvement in her in approximately 10 days. Ebony is more alert, happier and things are much better between the two dogs.

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