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Self-Cleaning Soft Slicker Brush for Small Dogs and Puppies

Self-Cleaning Soft Slicker Brush for Small Dogs and Puppies (1016894)

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NE Illinois

Good idea, bad design

  • Does%20good%20job%20of%20snagging%20loose%20hair
  • Good%20size%20for%20small%20dogs
  • Tricky%20to%20get%20closed
  • Bristles%20bend%20easily
  • Handle%20could%20be%20a%20bit%20longer
I was originally interested in trying this brush because of the size (for small dogs) and because of the "self-cleaning" concept. This brush is a big disappointment, though. First, the handle on the brush is very short. You have to have a very small hand in order to be able to hang onto the brush.

More importantly, though, is the brush head. The wire bristles snag the loose hairs as a brush should do but, to clean the bristles, you have to open the "lid" a bit like you would when you raise the lid of a hinged box top. As you pull up the "lid," wire in the frame of the lid lifts the hair out of the wire bristles. That works okay until you want to go in reverse. When you try to close the lid (passing the cleaning wires back down through the bristles to snap the lid shut, well, that's when things start getting tricky. To get the lid to snap closed, the cleaning wires have to be wiggled back and forth to get down through the bristles. If you don't do that, the lid won't snap shut.

After one use, the bristles are already bent. It won't be long before the majority of the bristles are bent and the brush is useless. Even at half the price, I would be disappointed in this item. But at over $7, this item rates less than one star. It should simply work better and be much more durable for that price.

Reviews 1-1 of 1

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