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Reviews for S3 Soft Chews, 240, 2 Pack (480 Chews) (1017029)

awesome chews. awesome results
Location: minnesota
Our dog has been on these chews for 7 months now. She weighs 107 pounds and is a 10 year old German Shepherd. She was having a real difficult time getting around this spring and we thought that we would have to make the decision to put her down this fall because our winters here are so hard. Thanks to these S3 Soft Chews, she is still enjoying life and we are still enjoying her!

Dogs gobble them up
Author: Judy
Location: california
Our vet recommended this brand, our dogs love them and they really help our almost 12 year old hound rebound after long hikes. They're also soft enough to push small pills into as "pill pockets."

excellent product, price and results.
Location: minnesota
I have already written one review...I am just adding that our shepherd is still doing well.

Great product, good price
Author: Jenni
Location: Portland
At some point during our canine friends' lives, joint supplements become a necessity. It's nice to find a place where they are priced well and offered in a large format. My 9-yo Moose has so far staved off arthritis and these are certainly one reason.

High Quality & Works Great
Author: Sarah H
Location: WI
This was one of only two glucosamine products that was recommended by my vet and I can see why. Our 10 year old Golden Retriever moves like a 4 year old after 3 months of using this product.

Manufacturer changed formula...beware
Author: Unknown
Location: minnesota
I have been purchasing these supplements for the past 4 years... I always order 2 at a time. I opened up my new bucket last week and my dog will NOT eat them. after contacting this company they will not take back or credit me for the opened package, that's almost $63 down the drain. They will take the unopened bucket back. Just so you ALL are aware of the product change. This supplement for her joints was very important to me, my dog has had three major leg surgeries and this had been helping her so much. I am so disappointed.

No More Sway in the Booty
Author: Macklen
Location: Franklin, TN
My 6 year old German Shepherd had a very bad sway in her walk when we adopted her one year ago. My vet called it "loose in the hips". Now, one year later, she runs like the wind, no sway, just that beautiful, athletic Shepherd trot.

Results you can see
Author: Sarah
Location: Wisconsin
I have used this product with two dogs and have had excellent results. My Chesapeake was having major joint problems and after putting her on the S3 soft chews, she moves like a champ now. So when I recently rescued a very overweight 9 y/o Golden Retriever I didn't hesitate to get her going on the same regimen. When she came to us in August she weighed 112lbs and could barely lift herself up. Stairs were not an option and going for a walk down the driveway was all she could handle. Now, 5 months later, with the help of diet and exercise, she is down 15lbs and counting, she loves to go for walks and can make it up to 2 miles, and stairs are a breeze. She is moving so much better and you can tell that life is a lot less painful.

S3 Soft Chews
Author: Chaz
Location: Jersey
Bought soft chews, easy process and delivered faster than I expected. Will be back.

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