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Reviews for S3 Soft Chews, 240 (1017003)

Author: Chris
These are great! I have noticed a significant improvement in our older dogs. Worth every penny!! Far exceeded my expectations.

Excellent product, very happy.
Author: Kathy
Location: Pleasant Hill, CA
Originally ordered the S2 soft chews for our over 15 year old lab which helped her to move better. Now I give them to my 2yr old and 8 mo old dogs. The price is great, helps with get puppy ears to stand, our dogs love their daily treats.

Great Product!!
Author: Paula M
Lucy, my eight year old bullmastiff, was limping and having trouble getting up. We started giving her these soft chews twice a day over a year ago and the difference is amazing. She looks forward to her "treat" every morning and night.

Medicine is now a delicious treat!
Author: Thomas
We used to feed our dog glyco-flex, but we found out from out vet this has the same advantages and more. Also we don't have to wrap it in anything!

My dogger can still move!
Author: Jen
I have a golden who is 13 years old. She is in great shape, and moves well for her age. I contribute this due to the SynoviG3 supplement she gets daily. The daily supplement allows her to get the exercise she needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

No more limp
Author: Kate
Location: Drewsville, New Hampshire
My 10 year old husky was lame for almost a year. My brother who hunts bird dogs, recommended S3 Soft Chews. After two months of the soft chew the limp went away and never returned. I highly recommend this product.

Outstanding product
Author: Linda
Location: Florida
I have 8 rescue dogs, several are older. This product was recommended by my vet. I have never had a supplement that worked as well as this one. I only wish something of equal quality was available for people. I have seen dogs that I was close to a decision to euthanize because they couldn't get up without assistance or walk without severe pain make remarkable recoveries after a month or so on this supplement. I have recommended it to friends and customers who experienced the same results. If you have a dog with joint problems, please give them a chance to have more mobility without pain by giving this a try. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it, not once, but in many cases. It does take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for full results. Chronic pain causes so many other problems including changes in behavior, accidents in housebroken dogs (too painful to get up to go outside), depression, anxiety, aggression, loss of appetite and more. I can't say enough about the incredible results I have seen. Best of all, it is not a drug that masks pain. It is a nutritional supplement to help their body recover as much as possible. Please give it a try if you care about your pets. Dogs love them - tastes like a treat.

S3 Soft Chews, 240
Author: Bill
Location: Rockford,Il.
My Shepard is 7 years old and has had hip issues for some time. He has been on this product now for almost a year and it has definitely improved his way of life. Where we once thought he would have to be put down for the pain, he is now able to move around and at times tries to keep up with his younger brother a 2 year old Springer.

S3 Soft Chews, 240
Author: Burton
Great product! Excellent price!

S3 Soft Chews, 240
Author: Joan
Location: Tulsa, OK
My Chow was having difficulty getting up and down. We'be been using this product for less than a year and she's chasing squirrels like a puppy. Both of our dogs take the soft chews and love them. The product is delivered right away and less expensive than obtaining them from the local vet. I recommend these soft chews for any dog with joint problems.

S3 Soft Chews, 240
Author: Sophie
Location: Maine
Great product, 8yr old Lab was not moving and we started giving her these "treats" and after 6wks she was almost back to her old self. Now she is on the maintenance dose and back to jumping, chasing her toys, etc. Highly recommend it.

These are great and so much cheaper
Author: Beth
Location: washington
I was getting these from the vet, but they charge a lot more than VetDepot. I just by chance did a search on the net for the same chews and I found this site; it's so convenient! And even with shipping I save a good amount of money. My dog really loves these; he thinks they are treats but they really help his arthritis issues and he has spondilitus so his back gets sore and these help with that, as well his mobility seems improved now.

Tub O'Chews
Author: Rod
Location: Simi Valley, CA USA
This product has help alleviate the effects of hip displacia in our large breed dog. Fast shipping from VetDepot.

Wonderful Product !
Author: georgina
Location: Miami, Fl
My vet recommended it to me and I noticed the difference on my 3 dogs in a few week. This is wonderful product that really works. It tastes good, too.

Works great!
Author: lzlee
Location: virginia
It's helped 2 older Rottweilers with hip and joint problems to be able to run and play again. I haven't seen any negative side effects and it's much safer than pain pills.

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