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Reviews for S3 Chewable Tablets for Dogs & Cats, 180 (1017004)

Better joint comfort
Author: Max
Location: Minnesota
I purchased these on the advice of my vet for our large 9 year old dog who was limping off and on. I've used them before with another dog, and they worked very well. Better comfort for him, without resorting to stronger pharmaceuticals! I would recommend these to anyone that wants to try this first before going that route.

S3 Chewable Tablets
Author: Margie
Location: Oregon
I have two dogs, one with arthritis and the other with a torn ligament, which cannot be repaired with surgery.

The Butler Schein S3 Chewable Tablets with its formula including the all-important Synovial Support, has given both dogs an improved life. Synovial fluid lubricates the animals' joints, and when it is lacking, they experience much pain. My arthritic dog no longer licks her paws from the arthritis pain which has either diminished or left her body because of the S3 Chewable Tablets. My other dog who has limped for over a year and been unable to run, now no longer limps and can run a little. I have seen such results in other dogs on S3 Chewable tablets. There are other products for such health problems which also contain Synovial fluid. However, I am unaware of the success with them. I believe in the S3 Chewable tablets, and I was told by a vet that these tablets can be given to my dogs for years to come with no side effects. So far, it has been over two years.

S3 Chewable Tablets
My dogs gobble these S3 Chewable Tablets up like treats. This medicine, although rather pricey, was recommended by my veterinarian, and helps with arthritis and other geriatric aches and pains.

S3 Chewable Tablets by Butler Schein
Author: Margie Benz
Location: Redmond, OR
I continue to use these tablets for my dog's torn ligament and arthritis.

I see continued success in her quality of life and comfort. The price

for these tablets may be high, but I am grateful for their results.

S3 Chewable Tablets for Dogs & Cats, 180
Author: eminto
Location: Alabama
I was able to get a product that delivered the same dosage in one tablet as opposed to the two tablets product purchased at the vet. Additionally, I was able to get a six month supply for less than what I purchased a 3 month supply from the vet. I only wish they would give me a script so I could purchase my Previcox from VetDepot too!!

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