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Pets Spark Stains Free, Beef Liver Flavor, 1 oz

Pets' Spark Stains Free, Beef Liver Flavor, 1 oz (1016701)

5.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
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Whitefish Bay, Wisc

So glad I found this

  • Complete cure for a gross problem.
  • I only wish I could buy larger containers.
My dog developed these gross brownish stains on the area of his cheeks, and he was also getting this sort of gooey blobs at the corners of his eyes. My vet put him on antibiotics and he seemed better for a while, but then it started coming back. I found this searching for help online and tried it. It is a great product that has cleared up my dog's problems 100%. I'm back for more.

Reviews 1-1 of 1

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