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Reviews for PhytoVet EFA Shampoo, 16 oz (1017013)

Omega EFA Shampoo, 16 oz
Author: CarolB
Location: Indiana USA
Our vet recommended using this shampoo on our black lab when we discovered her skin was sensitive to shampoo with a soap basis. The Omega EFA shampoo works well on her and she doesn't have the problems that she had before. It has a very light pleasant fragrance. It is a top quality product and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a soap free shampoo.

Pam from United States
Author: Pamela Kost
Location: Valencia California
We have a 6 year old shih tzu and it's taken us all of his six years to find a shampoo that stops his constant skin discomfort..we bath him in EFA shampoo once a week and its gotten rid of his problem. So thankful that part of his life is over and he can finally get a good nights sleep.

Perfect Replacement for Hylyt Shampoo
Author: Tcovenan
Location: United States
I've been using Hylyt shampoo for my English Setter for over six years and needed a replacement as the product is no longer available. Omega has a clean, fresh scent and keeps my dog's coat and skin full and healthy. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good EFA shampoo product.

We recommend both the shampoo and VETdepot
Author: Desertsun
Location: Tucson Az
<p>We have used this product for many years and are very happy with it. We were also pleased with the price ans shipping service offered by VETdepot. We recommend both the shampoo and VETdepot</p>

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