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Natural Hairball Aid Gel, 3 oz

Natural Hairball Aid Gel, 3 oz (1017164)

5.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
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Blaine, Washington

Natural Hairball Aid Gel

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This is one of the best hairball products I've ever used. I have 3 persians so hairballs are a constant problem. My one baby boy used to get so bound up he wouldn't want to eat and using the other products out there was a nightmare for all of us, sticky, stinky, awful tasting not mention the garbage that was getting ingested into their little delicate systems. This product is like giving them butter and I no longer have to fight them to get it down, they lap it up and their eating has resumed to normal. Hairballs if not controlled can cause intestinal binding and in some extreme cases death. Love, Love, Love this product!!

Reviews 1-1 of 1

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