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Reviews for FortiFlora Feline, 30 Sachets, 3 Pack (1016856)

FortiFlora Feline
Author: Cindy
Location: Dalas, TX
My kitten had diarrhea/digestive issues since adopting from a local shelter. After deworming&all the usual tests, my vet recommended this product. It has eliminated the issues & my cat loves it. VetDepot offered the best online pricing and delivered very quickly.

FortiFlora Feline, 30 Sachets, 3 Pack
Author: Heather
Location: Ft Collins, CO
It's been very helpful in balancing my cats' digestive systems when they get off and have diarrhea. They easily eat it with their food.

Great product for cats prone to diarrhea
Author: Iana
My cat had a diarrhea ever since I took her from the street, even after she was dewormed several times, on a few antibiotics, and expensive tests done to make sure there is no growth of bacteria. At the last antibiotic she was put on the FortiFlora to help her digestion because of the antibiotic. Since then she hasn't really had diarrhea at all, and I keep her on the Fortiflora as per the doctor's recommendation. FortiFlora really helped us!

My Cat Shelbie Demands FortiFlora
Location: Bucolic Warren County, NJ
This supplement was recommended to me by my vet several years ago. My older cranky cat Shelbie was having poor quality bowel movements and frequent vomiting. I started her on FortiFlora and she is doing much better. Of course, all BMs smell somewhat but hers were "clearing the room" until I gave her FortiFlora. She demands it and I give her two envelopes a day. I checked with my vet and cats cannot overdose on this. I buy the most economical quantities because the other cats like it, too.

Saved my cat's life!
Author: Alice
Location: Freehold, NJ
I have an older cat - now close to 18 years old. I started adding this to her food about a year and a half ago. She had stopped absorbing most of the nutrients in her food and was losing weight at a drastic rate. She is now back to normal weight and i have not noticed any side effects in her at all.

Works Well
Author: chillywilly18
Location: Olympia, WA
My cat was recently diagnosed with IBD and my vet recommended using fortiflora and giving him a steroid injection. After a few days on the fortiflora his diarrhea improved and is now back to normal. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a cat with IBD or any diarrhea issues. I am a former veterinary technician as well, so I have some knowledge on the subject.

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