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Reviews for FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement, 30 Sachets (1016777)

At last a product that works
Author: Susan
The FortiFlora was recommended by my vet, but he is in a small town, so he does not carry the product. Therefore, I got it online and it finally stopped my dog from having diarrhea. We can finally rest easy, he is now regular with solid stools. Thank you for the product!

Desie wouln't be without it
Author: Unknown
Location: CT
Desie (our 5.5 lb attack (sic) Yorkie) wouldn't be without it. She has been using it for almost all her five years of life. Her tummy used to rumble (OK - tremble given her size) and all has been good since she began enjoying her FortiFlora. Thanks Purina.

Digestive Comfort for my Aging Dogs
Author: Lynn
Location: Eureka, MO
I absolutely LOVE this product! I have a 14 year old Shepard mix that has chronic pancreatitis. He cannot have really any fat at all and he was getting to the point that even the lightest fat content dog food was putting him "on top of the fence." We started feeding him (along with his regular food) a mix of hamburger, rice, asparagus (or green beans or spinach) with carrots and mix this in with that food. Since we started this routine, he has been MUCH more comfortable and doesn't have near the digestive problems he was having.

FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement, 30 Sachets
Author: bob
Location: United States
<p>Mikie does well on this product. VetDepot has great prices and I buy my prescription meds here. One little downfall is that the Fortiflora has gone up in price. If it goes up too much more, then I can get it from the vet for the same price. All around though, I guess everything goes up and VetDepot is a wonderful place to shop and they have a speedy delivery. Thanks VetDepot!</p>

FortiFlora Supplement YES!!!!!!
Author: LAS
Location: Swansea MA
Our GSD gets a packet as soon as she has a soft poop per her vet. 99% of the time she only needs one packet and is back to normal.

Great supplement!
Author: Denise
Location: The Midwest
Our dog suffers from chronic immune-mediated spinal meningitis. She is taking several medicines to stabilize her condition. FortiFlora is essential to keeping her gut healthy. It has really contributed to the quality of her life.

It works!
Author: Joyce
Location: Rhode Island
I have a rescued Lab with a VERY sensitive stomach. I tried 10 or more kinds of quality brand dog foods, even a prescription food from the vet. Nothing helped his loose stools and gassy stomach. This product saved the day! It works wonderfully for him. I only wish I had tried this before experimenting with brand after brand of food. I highly recommend this

Very Pleased!
Author: VRussell
Helps my dogs digestive problems with EPI. He has less gas than he would if he wasn't taking this product.

Wonderful for Dog's Who Suffer from Pancreatitis
Author: Lynn
Location: Eureka, MO
My dog has had chronic pancreatitis for the past 5 years (he is now 14). We have been giving him this supplement with his food and his digestion has been much better and he has had less stomach discomfort; hence less frequency of attacks.

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