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Reviews for ElimiDerm Cream Topical for Dogs and Cats, 0.75 oz Tube (1016907)

Author: Joyce
Location: New Jersey
My dog has been licking his paws and this cream stopped it. The smell is pleasant although a little strong. But I think that also acts as a deterrent so the dog will stop licking the paws. I am very satisfied.

Author: Skye Strickland
Location: Seattle
I started using this for a weird rash my cat was getting that may be a fungal infection. My vet was going to take a biopsy but told me to try this first. It worked and there has been no return of the rash.

Elimiderm Cream
Author: Astrid
Just started using this product, but so far it has done my poor little doggie good, and I love the way it smells!

Author: Pat
Location: NJ
<p>This product is very effective, I had tried many creams, ointments for sores on my dog's legs and this one really works.</p>

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