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Reviews for DiaGel Diarrhea Control Gel for Dogs 61 lbs or more, 5.0mL Syringe (1016902)

Natural Diarrhea Treatment
Author: Ned Pham
Location: Greenville, NC
My dog suffers from diarrhea of unknown origin, which is another way of saying maybe he gets it when he is stressed out or who knows. A woman at work recommended this when I was complaining about Ellie's diarrhea, and since it was natural, I thought it couldn't hurt to try it. It helped a ton right away!

Safe and effective!
Author: Samantha
This works amazing! You can use it before stress (like a dog show) and it also stops diarrhea fast if they already have it. I keep some on hand at all times! I have tried everything out there and nothing compares.

This Stuff Works!
Author: Sally
Puppies seem to have loose stool as they are in the weaning process, even when the vet has analyzed their stools for the usual known causes such as worms or coccidia, and the stool is clear of both of these. Using DiaGel helps to firm their stools up! This stuff is amazing!

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