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Reviews for DiaGel Diarrhea Control Gel for Dogs 1-30 lbs, 1.0mL Syringe (1016900)

Stop diarrhea fast
Author: Roni Lake
Location: Aptos, CA
This definitely stops diarrhea, but I've had the experience where it has come back. Plus, my vet says that unless it is to stop dehydration, you shouldn't automatically treat diarrhea because it could be your pet's way of removing toxins from his body.

works well
Author: lynn
Location: los angeles, ca
my vet used this on my small dog to treat diarrhea. i liked that it was a natural product, rather than an antibiotic (which so many vets automatically prescribe). i bought a couple of doses to keep on hand, as my dog seems to have bouts of diarrhea every couple of months. used a dose last weekend, and it stopped the runs in about 2 hours. it's a one-dose treatment, which is great. my vet also recommended synacore for intestinal issues, so we're using that, too.

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