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Reviews for Dermachlor 2% Shampoo, Gallon (1017021)

Dermachlor 2% Shampoo for skin and coat
Location: Dripping Springs, Texas
We have two Jack Russell's of which one suffers from an annual summer skin rash/allergy problem. For the past several years we've tried bathing with most of the typical pet store shampoos with little to no effect. Our vet recommended Dermachlor 2% shampoo so we gave it a whirl. We tossed "Jack" into the sink and lathered him up according to the directions on the label. The results were incredible. Within 20-30 minutes, Jack's skin color changed from a bright red to barely noticeable, and best of all, his constant chewing was reduced to an occasional back leg scratch. Thanks VetDepot and Dermachlor for your valuable service and products. Best regards, Charlie and "Jack" PS. The VetDepot shipping was incredibly rapid as well.

Dermachlor 2% Shampoo, Gallon
Author: Jacolyn D
Location: Texas
I have been bathing my Dandie 2 x weekly with Hexadyne shampoo. A vet tech friend gave me a small bottle of Dermachlor to try. It leaves her coat in better shape as it is NOT so drying as the Hexadyne. This is important as she has a soft coat and matts easily.

Dermachlor Shampoo
Author: Michael
Location: PA
<p>I had contracted a MRSA infection and did not want to pass it on to my dog Em. As a precaution I felt it important to get him clean and free of any possible MRSA colonization that could infect him or re-infect myself or any of our other family members. The dermachlor came highly recommended due to its specific ability to mitigate MRSA and other possible bacterial and fungal nasties. The lather was rich and it did not bother his eyes or nose and mouth. The scent was a plus as well, as it didn't have an overly medicinal perfume to it at all. I will be bathing him with dermachlor as needed, most likely 1x/month, depending on how frequently he needs it due to the weather, etc... Overall I'm extreemely pleased with this product and have recommended it to family and friends.</p>

Excellent For Outside Pets
Author: Rick Bartholemew
Location: Kansas City
My dog Bo seems to get into some filthy stuff and I started using Dermachlor 2% shampoo before we went on trips with him or he spent time inside. It's a large jug that lasts for quite some time depending on animal size. I really like the smell of it too :)

Recommended by my dogs dermatologist
Author: B. Payne
Location: PA
I need to bath my large German Shepherd once a week with Dermachlor shampoo. Her fur is thick and requires a double shampoo, I was really pleased to be able to purchase a gallon jug, if only it came with a pump! Dermachlor leaves her smelling fresh and is great for her skin condition, due to allergies.

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