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Reviews for CoproBan Chewable Anti-Coprophagic Tablets, 20 (1017151)

CroproBan Chewable Anti-Coprophagic Tablets
Author: kp
It worked for our two Corgis but is not working for our friends labs. We had to go through six boxes (1/2 pill for each dog twice a day) before they stopped. I told my friends they need to order more and keep them on it longer before they will see the results. Also, do not skip a dose. It has to be given with each meal.

Great product, gross habit
Author: Sylvie Vaz
Location: Waterbury, CT
I got a new puppy in April and started finding pieces of cat waste in strange places around my house. As if that wasn't bad enough, I soon learned that Celia, my puppy, was also eating the cat waste. I tried moving the litter box, scolding her, everything I could think of. A woman from my son's school recommended CoproBan so I tried. I'm here to get more from VetDepot because it worked really well. No more poop eating!

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