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Reviews for Composure Bite-Sized Chews for Dogs, 60 Soft Chews (1016741)

A good buy on a good product!
Author: S. K.
Location: Clinton, N.Y.
The chews seem to help our nervous Jack Russell so that his quality of life is improved. Thank you for this calming treat!

Composure Bite Sized Chews
Author: Diana M
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Purchased Composure Bite Sized Chews for our anxiety ridden rescue dog. They seemed to have helped a little, they took the edge off during thunder storms, but she still shakes and hides under the bed. She just seems a little more calm. She's not your average dog with average fears though, so I would still recommend this product for mild anxiety issues with dogs. Best price at VetDepot.

Composure Bites
Author: Stevie
Location: Harrodsburg,KY
My dog went nuts with fire works and lighting and thunder but after giving him this product he settled down and does much better if given it in time for storms. I say buy it for your pets..

Composure Bite-Sized Chews for Dogs, 60 Soft Chews
Author: Prancer
Location: Louisiana
I have used these Chews several times for immediate help and they have worked very well for my little 12 lb Chiweenie. He was having separation anxiety, crying and peeing when I leave. He is hyper but this product calms him without sleepyness. He is now accepting/cool with the situation without hype or peeing, though he still doesn't like for me to leave. I wish I had discovered this product earlier. The chews works just as well as prescription drugs and he takes it without drama---he likes it. Thank you for this product! I would definitely recommend it.

Composure chews work great!
Author: Graham Nagy
Location: LV NV
My dog panics when company comes over. He usually stands stiff as a board, then pees all over the rug, then paces and alternates with whining and hiding. Now that I found Composure, I give him a treat when company comes over and he's much better (still not 100% calm) and it seems to help a little bit more each time.

Decent product
Author: hgstern
Location: Dayton, OH
To be fair, I was really looking for the "Pro" version, but couldn't find it. This product *did* work as advertised, but really didn't help our 12-year-old puppy as well as the "Pro." Even giving her 2 of the treats really didn't calm her anxiety for very long (when we leave her home alone). Good price, so not a waste at all.

Great product
Author: Love my dogs
Location: CT
This product works great. It really does. Helped both my anxious dogs (100 lb and 55 lb). I found on my own but when we asked our vet for a mild sedative for our drive from CT to FL he suggested this product.

If Given in Time
Author: Denise
Location: Queens, New York
If given in time for storms our dog was a bit calmer. As far as the recommended dosage, our dog was borderline of 2 or 3 chews. We noticed a much calmer dog when given the 3rd chew. She still ran to the bathroom, but instead of standing in the tub she was lying down and no longer panting.

Love this product!
Author: jkje
Location: Tulsa, OK
<p>Wow, this product is really great. I have two dogs that are afraid of storms, and now when that first rumble of thunder comes, I just give each of them one of these, and they stay much calmer. It's chewable, so they just think they're getting a treat! Thanks, Composure, for keeping my pooches happier.</p>

Really works to calm our dog
Author: smartshopper
Location: Atlanta, Ga
We give this an hour before a thunderstorm, and our golden retriever settles right down.

Great product.

So helpful!
Author: Megan
Location: Fruitport, MI
I have a big dog that has separation anxiety and is overly hyper when he gets over stimulated.

They work well for my dog
Author: Island teacher
Location: Whidbey Island, Wa
I have a rescue Cavalier King Charles spaniel and she has a rough time hearing voices outside and staying calm. I give her one of these each morning, and it helps her through the whole day.

Why didn't I know about this before??
Author: Scott B.
Location: Illinois
Fantastic product. Friend suggested, VetDepot had the best price, tried it and it helps! Sunny developed a fear of thunder & lightning after a really bad storm. She used to just shake as storms approached then would pace and try to hide. A composure in the morning and another at dinner during forecasted weather with additional as needed during the storm. 30 minutes later, much calmer!!

Wonderful Product!!!
Author: Sharon
We have a Chow who will be 13 in August. This product has been a life saver for our little Maggie. She, being older, has anxiety and dementia but she still functions and is very happy. The Composure Chews have made a huge difference in her daily life and provided her with comfort. Our little Maggie is very picky and will only eat one kind of treat I was so surprised that she loves these.

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