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Reviews for Composure EQ Paste, 15cc Syringe (1016732)

Author: Unknown
Location: Arizona
My horse is TENSE to say the least at shows. She was rideable for the first time ever after using this. I've tried lots of products. All had zero effect. There's a palatability factor with most too. The final verdict will come with repeated success. I'll do another review then and give a 5 star rating if it continues to work. So far, I'm impressed. Vet Depot has the very best price on the EQ version too.

Composure EQ Paste, 15cc Syringe
Author: Diane
Location: Arizona
After using this product several times, I'm SOLD. It works perfectly with amazing results. No other product has ever produced results on my horse before. Customer service is great and their price is the best I've found too. Thanks!

Helped Calm A Nervous Sport Horse To Allow Him To Succeed!
Author: Kathy
Location: Michigan
<p>I purchased 10 tubes of Composure Paste for my 6 year old Hanoverian gelding. He used to get very nervous and anxious about trailering to new locations for lessons, clinics and shows to the point where I had to stop taking him places. He is a young, talented horse, but his nerves were getting in the way of our success. I have successfully trailered him to other farms for lessons and shows after giving him Composure, and what a difference! He is calm and relaxed, allowing him to perform to the best of his abilities! I started off giving him 2 tubes before traveling, per the instructions, and am now down to one tube. He is like a different horse!</p>

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