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Reviews for Oratene Veterinarian Maintenance Gel, 2.5 oz (1016849)

Good supplement to chicken flavored enzymatic paste
Author: Peggy
I use about an inch of this on the gum-line of my dog after brushing with enzymatic chicken flavored paste if his gums are red/bleeding or if there was significant tarter build up. I brush his teeth about every 2 to 3 days so this is rare, but sometimes happens. It seems to make the next brushing event easier and breaks down the plaque.

My little dog accepts this a million times better than brushing
Author: Diane
Location: St Petersburg, FL
For years, our twelve year old 6 pound dog has required 2 people to do a sub-optimal job of brushing his teeth. The vet would talk to me like I was irresponsible, and finally I asked HIM to show me a way I could brush his teeth alone. He managed, but also had the vet intimidation on his side. That technique only worked a couple of times before the amazingly great evasive maneuvers returned. Also valuing my relationship with my pet, I did not want to hurt him. I had starting as you are supposed to, when he was a baby, allowing him to lick toothpaste off my finger. He just never accepted the brush, of any kind. He has lost teeth, as his breed is prone to dental problems. I am happy to say he is likely this new "brush-less" method, which I stumbled upon because I like Biotene products for myself. Now, I just have to hope the next dental exam will show we are good in that department!

Oratene Veterinarian Maintenance Gel, 2.5 oz
Author: Sandra
This product is Great! Sammy will not let me get close to his mouth with a toothbrush, this is so much easier and it does not upset his stomach (as other oral products for dogs have).

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