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Reviews for Anxitane S (L-Theanine), 30 Chewable Tablets (1016943)

A good purchase
Author: Dogger
Location: VA
I'm pleased with this purchase. The product has been effective for my dog. She is a rescue who spent 8 years in a mill as a breeder dog. She's sweet but extremely nervous, and the Anxitane has really taken the edge off without dulling her or making her sleepy or dopey. I was also very happy with how quickly I received my order and the ease of shopping with VetDepot. I intend to reorder this product.

Anxitane for my baby
Author: Anxitane
Location: Georgia
This product is great for keeping my yorkie calm, we have a new puppy which our BABY HOPE (yorkie) was jealous of, since taking anxitane she is such a better doggy

Anxitane Tablets
Author: The Poet
Location: Wilkes-Barre, Pa
These tablets really do work to reduce anxiety in pets. However, I found them to be fairly expensive at $1.00 per tablet when my dog can take two per day. Since the ingredient in this product is found in green tea and has no bad taste, a powder product works just as well for less expense.

Better than all the cat psychology books I tried!
Author: Karen Harris
Location: Clearwater, FL
My cat never takes pills willingly, but scarfs this half a pill up twice a day with no coaxing. He is soooo much less high-strung than before we tried it. He's a Bengal... a typically very high-strung, vocal, demanding, anxious breed... but SO lovable. We noticed a definite improvement in behavior after probably 1-2 weeks.

Does the job!
Author: cairnmommy
Location: North Carolina
I usually don't do reviews, but on this product, I decided to make an exception. I have a 12 year old Cairn Terrier who has had behavior issues combined with unexplained anxiety since we rescued her when she was 2 1/2 years old from a puppy mill. Vet after vet visit and different vets over the years, they could not help her. Prozac or Valium was useless. In October of 2009, after exhausting what we thought was all we could do for her, I decided to take her to the teaching hospital at the vet school. After two days of examination, they referred me to one of their animal behavioral vets. She gave me tips on how to relate to my dog, but she also gave me simple layman tools that anyone can do. She recommended we try the Anxitane S for her. I started her on it once a day for a week, then increased it to twice a day. She also started wearing a D.A.P. pheromone collar which has helped. The Anxitane S has proven to be the BEST thing that has helped my dog's anxiety. I am sure that the D.A.P. collar in combination with the Anxitane is a plus, but I know that the Anxitane is what has changed not only my dog's life for the better, but for the rest of us as well. This is a nutraceutical, not a pharmaceutical. L-Theanine is found naturally in green tea, which is known to have a calming effect. I do recommend having a vet supervise taking this even though you don't have to have a prescription. Sometimes, it takes more than one thing; to help with anxiety. A combination of several holistic therapies might be the trick. I can't say enough good things about this product.

Life changer
Author: Shannon in CO
I am the proud, and no longer frustrated, owner of a 4 yr old "Tuxedo" kitty named JJ. JJ is a very needy kitty, always wanting attention and would provoke me by scratching, biting, and sometimes lunging at me with claws and teeth. Even after an hour of focused playtime, JJ would continue to lash out at me for attention. I was against putting him on a pharmaceutical like Prozac and a dog trainer suggested I try L-Theanine. After much internet research I found that Anxitane offered one of the most concentrated doses of L-Theanine on the market and provided the most bang for the buck (and VetDepot has the best price!). The recommended dose wasn't quite enough to meet JJ's needs so he gets one full pill in the morning and another before bedtime. He's the same old JJ with all the personality traits we love, but he's no longer hyper anxious and the lunging and attacks have decreased significantly. Anxitane changed both our lives and made my house a much more peaceful place. If JJ had his say, I think he'd recommend them too -- he loves taking them and because they are chewable they are really easy to dose. Highly recommended!

seizures in poodles and all dogs
Author: italia
Location: Mexico resort
This natural product has helped my 10 year old poodle. She has had a few small seizures and a long seizure. She seems much calmer and more playful after a week of taking these pills. I may try them now on my smaller poodle who licks his paws constantly...

This stuff is a behavioral miracle in a pill.
Author: catladynyc
Location: New York
Horus, my senior cat has been a nervous kind of guy since he was born: sweet as can be, but timid and prone to panic. A visit from a stranger could send him behind the couch for hours, a thunderstorm was like the end of the world. Worst of all he was all but untreatable. We had to have veterinary house calls because he couldn't be gotten out of our house in a crate or otherwise. When he lost his mother (they were close loving companions) he went into a deep depression that led to health issues including dangerous weight loss.

Fortunately for us, a neighbor recommended Anxitane. One of her cats had experienced what she described as a nervous breakdown. She had discovered Anxitane and said that it had restored her cat to his everyday, merely slightly odd self.

I took her advice. After his first two doses Horus started eating again. In two weeks he was venturing out of our apartment on his own. And he allowed me to take him to the vet without falling apart and urinating everywhere.

Horus has been taking Anxitane twice a day for a month and a half. Since he started on it, he's gained back a pound, his appetite has returned to normal, and he's become active and vocal again. Horus is happy and I'm happy. What could be better!

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