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Reviews for Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Remover for Dogs Sweet Potato Flavor, 120 gm (1016809)

Angels' Eyes
Author: Maureen
Location: Florida
Effective for both our Shih-Tsus and our Cocker Spaniel. After getting them cleared up I find I can give it to them just twice a week (less than manufacturer recommends) and they usually do fine. Vegetarian formula is important because our Cocker has protein allergies. We previously used the beef formula with good results. Local stores don't carry the vegetarian formula and/or charge a lot more than VetDepot.

Gets rid of ugly stains
Author: Kaley Santana
Location: Montgomery, AL
This really works, treats the cause, and is meat-free. I am happy with all of the above.

The only thing that worked!
Author: Dean
Location: palmyra NJ
I purchased several products, including natural ones, that promised to rid my dog of tear stains. They did not work. Additionally, my dog's tear stains are worse during allergy season. Also, my dog is a 5 lb Chihuahua with undeveloped or blocked tear ducts. The vet's instruments are not small enough to flush them either. My poor Toby looked like he was wearing a bandana! There was nothing left to try, and this worked perfectly. Now my little super hero looks unmasked!

This REALLY works
Author: Barbara
I tried EVERYTHING to clean the eyes of my Peke-a-poo and nothing worked until Angels Eyes. It took a couple of months of daily use before it was totally cleared up, but now I give it to her every other day and now she looks as beautiful outside as she is inside.

Thank you very much for this terrific product. I've now begun to use it on my new adopted pup and after just 3 weeks I can see great improvement.

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