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Reviews for AloeClens Ear Cleansing Solution, 8 oz (1017028)

Author: Bree Agretto
Location: DC
Smooth, gentle cleaning for ears. Highly recommend!

AloeClens Ear Cleansing Solution
Author: Dee
Location: United States
I am very pleased with the results. My Bichons have not had any issues with their ears since I started using the product.

AloeClens Ear Cleansing Solution, 8 oz
Author: Anne
This product works as well as one I've had for 3x' the price, and Vetdepot uses UPS directly and the package comes very quickly without the problems the other company with Smartship (the post office). So I highly recommend both.

Great product
Author: Scott
Location: Chicago
<p>Does the trick at a low $ to boot. My female GS mix has itchy skin and gets a bath every 10-14 days to remove allergens. She loves to have her ears massaged so application has never been an issue. Cleans, deodorizes as advertised - pleasant smell too (some brands smell horrific, not this one).</p><p>Highly recommend.</p>

Highly recommend!
Author: Christopher J.
Location: Baltimore City, MD
Last year, I rescued a Cocker Spaniel. By "rescue" I mean I found her wandering in the road, with no tags, covered in dirt and knotted fur. I've never owned a Cocker, and was unprepared for all of the grooming needs. Her ears fill with wax daily, and if not cleaned, will get very stinky. This product does a great job of cleaning the wax and leaving a fresh scent. The solution does not bother her at all. I can use it on a cotton swab, or just squirt it into her ear, massage ears, and let her shake it out. It's colorless, and does not damage anything in the house when she shakes it out. I haven't tried that homemade ear cleaner that dog owners "in the know" use, because that one can stain stuff in the house.

No more stinky ears!
Author: Phyllis
Location: Houston, Texas
My Cairn hasn't had problems with his ears but I use this between visits with his groomer to ensure that no problems arise. Cairn's ears aren't floppy -- they stand up straight and swivel around like little satellite dishes so they aren't prone to infections like hounds but they can still get waxy build-up that needs to be cleaned. Proactive care seems to work. This product does the job.

Really Works!
Author: Maryjane
My miniature schnauzer suffered from chronic yeast overgrowth in her ears. Regular use (once a week) of the AloeClens Ear Cleansing solution and she has been yeast free for the past three years! Great product.

Smells better than many other ear cleaners
Author: Caryn
Works good, good price, smells good, large bottle.

Very happy with product
Author: Helene
My dog has had ongoing problems with one ear in particular. A lot of brown gucky wax buildup with a bad smell. I used other products with a so-so result. I sprayed this into my dog's ear and massaged it in. When he shook his head, a bunch of debris just fell out. I need very little wiping with cotton and his ears smelled great- a natural, fresh scent. They've been great since then.

Works great
Author: Hob
This really helps to loosen debris and wax build up.

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