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Reviews for PhytoVet CK Antiseptic Flush, 16 oz. (1017017)

A good replacement
Author: Walter
Location: Plymouth, MA
We ordered this as a replacement for what our vet always sold us to flush our dogs ears. This is quite a bit cheaper and works just as well as the other flush type solution. We are happy with our purchase.

Awesome Ear wash
Author: Kris
Location: NJ
Best ear wash I've ever used. My Japanese Chin rescue came to me at 3yo with a chronic yeast infection in her ear. Tried every medication, nothing completely cleared it up. My vet gave me this product, and she hasn't had an infection since. It took me 3 years to find this wash!! Now, ears get cleaned once, maybe twice per month.

Basset Hound ear treatment
Author: Relief at last!
Location: Southern Cal.
I have tried many products. This relieves his ear itchiness, stops him from scratching his ears giving him almost immediate comfort. Our vet recommended it to us but in buying it from him, it is twice the price.

Buy it - Multipurpose uses
Author: Joyce
Location: Atlanta, Ga
First recommended to me by my tradition/holistic vet as a drying agent ear flush. He later said to use it on my dogs paw to help with a yeast hot spot...again to dry it out. I use it on any cut or abrasion as well.

I'm a dog trainer and have recommended this product many times. The fact that it is multipurpose is a real plus.

great price!
Author: Elizabeth
This stuff works so well. It also smells fantastic. It was a great price compared to buying it from my local vet. My dog often gets ear problems and by cleaning them everyday with this stuff his ear problems and expensive vet bills go away.

Great Product
Author: Maximus
My Chocolate Lab had constant irritation in his ears from swimming, etc. I tried other products and PhytoVet CK Flush worked the first time and cleared it up completely.

PhytoVet CK Antiseptic Flush, 16 oz.
Author: Kelly
Location: New Jersey
Works and smells great, so much cheaper than buying from the vet.

PhytoVet CK Antiseptic Flush, 16 oz.
Author: Bullymommy
I used Malesab Flush to clean the wrinkles on my English bulldog until the product was discontinued. My Vet recommended this product to replace it. It works very well for my Bulldog and that is the highest recommendation I can give any product. I wish the price didn't keep going up.

PhytoVet CK Antiseptic Flush, 16 oz. (1017017)
Author: Kathy M
Location: Frederick, Co
This product is every bit as effective as Malaseb flush was, even better smelling. Will continue to purchase for my springer spaniel who has chronically infected ears.

Super Product
Author: Yujing
It cures every skin problem of my husky.

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