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Reviews for MalAcetic Ultra Otic Cleanser, 8 oz (1016832)

Best Ear Product
Author: BRT Mambo
Location: Upstate NY
My Black Russian Terrier has big, floppy ears and gets occasional ear infections. This product works wonders. With simple application and no effort whatsoever, he's better within a week. I was thrilled to find it at VetDepot and quickly got a prescription from my vet for ordering. I'm a new customer and had an excellent experience here. Thanks!

Beyond Satisfied
Author: Nicki
Location: Upstate NY
This is an excellent product, often very hard to find. It is the only solution effective in keeping my Black Russian Terrier's ears in a healthy, clean state. VetDepot provides fair, affordable prices, speedy shipping... but more importantly, excellent customer service in keeping one apprised of availability. Thanks! I'll be back.

Great Ear Cleaner
Author: Steven
Location: NW Louisiana
I have had five Dachshunds in the past 50 years all of them had ear issues in the past. My current Dachshund had issues until my vet told me to use MalAcetic Ultra Otic Cleanse.

Great Otic Cleaner
Author: Lexi
Location: Midwest
<p>Our Italian Spinone has long droopy ears and has had a resistant yeast infection. This cleaner is keeping her ears infection free! It's a wondeful cleaner!</p>

It really works!
Author: Cindy
We have an English Mastiff, who has had problems with fungus in his ear for over the last 4 years. We were encouraged to try this, and so far it has appeared to have begun to clear this infection up for the first time.

Otic Cleanser
Author: Ellen
Location: Dallas
I have a Cocker Spaniel and my Vet recommended this product for ear cleaning and maintenance every week. It works very well. Now I purchased it from Vetdepot. The price is cheaper and hassle free. GOOD experience.

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