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Reviews for Zeniquin 25 mg, 100 Tablets (1014013)

such a savings
Author: zeniquin
Location: pennsylvania
<p>once again, you came through!!! such a savings, my dog( lov of my life), has been doing great on these meds. she has to stay on it , no side effects.and the savings sure come through for me. I,m retired on a fixed income, so have to watch my pennies!! so your helping keeping my buddy, with me.</p>

Zeniquin 25 mg, 100 Tablets
Author: Andrea
Location: Northern California
After several years of FLUTD based urinary problems, our 4 year old cat was diagnosed with one shrunken kidney and became prone to kidney infections. Our vet recommended using Zeniquin as a continuing antibiotic to keep these infections from recurring. He is now 15 and hasn't had a kidney infection in many years. This is an expensive but effective medicine and I found that VetDepot had the best price I could find for it. They were also helpful in transferring my prescription from another on-line vet and I received excellent customer service from them. I will be buying my future ped meds from VetDepot.

Zeniquin 25mg
Author: Bill and Maggie
Location: pennsylvania
I have a dog, who has a growth on her liver,which is unoperatable!! So she is on Zeniquin, for several years now, and it was very expensive. We were thrilled to find VETDEPOT!!!!! WHAT A SAVINGS!! Maggie, has to take one a day, for the rest of her life and has no side effects and ended her pain!!! Vet depot, was very helpful and has kept me very informed, and such a savings!!! I sure thank them for the help and further customer service, as I sure am going to be in that line of well pleased customers!! Thank you, VetDepot, you're a God send for me and my dog, Maggie!!!

Zeniquin antibiotic works fast.
Author: Stella B.
Location: Zuni Pueblo, NM
Zeniquin worked to clear up my dog's skin infection quickly. The infection started on her back legs where she was scratching fleas, and it spread underneath her belly and got pretty bad. This was the second antibiotic we tried.

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