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Reviews for Welactin 3 Feline, 60 Softgel Capsules (1016622)

Excellent 3 feline soft gel capsules
Author: Gail
Location: Colotado
My cat has always had dull, dandruffy, dry fur even on "good" cat food. Now no dandruff, softer fur and he is grooming himself and others. I think he is just more comfortable. Very impressed. And he likes to eat the treated cat food.

Welactin 3 Feline, 60 Softgel Capsules
Author: Heather
Location: Ft Collins, CO
Great product! I can definitely see and feel the difference in my older cat's coat and his dry flaky skin has diminished as well.

Welactin for cats
Author: Sheila
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
My cat somehow tore his anterior cruciate ligament when he was about 18 months old. I had the option of having surgery or limiting his movement (for a few months) and giving him joint supplements for life. I went the non-surgical route and am so glad I did! That was about 18 months ago and my kitty has no problems getting around. He was ordered Welactin (and Cosequin) by the vet and it was pretty expensive. I found the exact same product by the exact same manufacturer on VetDepot for about half the price, maybe less. He only takes it every other day, squirted on his dry food. He doesn't like it as well as food without it, but he eats it and moves around great. You'd never know he ever hurt his knee and I'm very happy with the product and VetDepot.

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