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Reviews for High Potency Vitamin B Complex Injection, 100 mL (1014109)

Author: Shelby
<p>Great product at a great price.</p>

Already helping....
Author: Karen
Location: Austin
My older dog who is having digestive problems. Almost completely weened her off cortisone. Great product, great company!

Great product
Author: Mary
I like that this product has a good amount of b12 as well as other b complex. I run a wildlife rescue center and buy this a lot.

Great Product
Author: Dawn
Location: CT
It really helps my older horse with Cushings stay healthy, active and relaxed!

High Potency Vitamin B Complex
Author: Sergio
This product is very good and price is great!

High Potency Vitamin B Complex Injection
Author: DC
Location: Alabama
This product works great for my dogs. They have quite a bit more energy!

High Potency Vitamin B Complex Injection
Author: Vanassa
Location: TN
The photo shows Vedco but you will probably get another brand (a generic brand) which is probably just as good. I've ordered this 2 or 3 times. The time before the expiration was very short for the product but I didn't say anything. This time I received a product that has a much longer expiration which is great since I don't use up that quickly. My Vet suggested I give Vitamin B Complex every time I give my elderly cat fluids. I give the injection subcutaneously, after I give her fluids, into the fluid sack. This can sting so injecting it this way lessen how much it stings.

Author: Kerry
Location: Steelville, MO
I received a phone call from Vet Depot after I wrote a review complaining that my two bottles of B Complex would expire two months after receiving it. They apologized, informed me that this is not their normal practice, and promptly credited my account for one bottle of B Complex. I was impressed. It has been quite some time since I was treated with the "customer is always right" policy. This I find is fading in today's world. They have gained my respect and I will definitely use them in the future for my vet supply needs. Hats off to you Vet Depot.

Author: Janice Guest
Location: NOLA
Good for when pets have problems eating or digesting. Seems to improve health too.

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