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Reviews for Viralys Oral Powder for Cats, 600 gm (L-Lysine) (1016228)

A Must Have for Multi-Cat Homes
Author: Kathie
Location: New York
I never let myself run out of this product and recommend it to others with multi-cat homes, especially if Herpes Simplex is present. I have seen it support immune systems for cats with FIV as well. I have indoor and outdoor cats (all cats are spayed and neutered and outdoor cats are being integrated into house). Since using this product, after my vet recommended adding Lysine to their diet, respiratory problems associated with these viruses were virtually eliminated. Runny eyes, congestion, etc., are a rarity and fleeting when presented. The quality and price helps responsible pets owners provide the contentment and health the needs of all their pets. Additionally, VetDepot is reliable in their stock status and shipping.

Feed This to My Cats Everyday!
Location: Virginia
I have 6 rescued cats and 3 have sinus and immune issues. My vet recommended L-Lysine years ago and it really works! I also give it to the all kittens that I foster for my local city animal shelter. It is so easy to mix with their food that even my picky eaters do not notice it is there. You cannot beat Vet Depot's prices and service. I order it and with in a few days it is in my mailbox.

Good value
Author: Gabriel
Good value for the size (600 gm) - helps keep my cats healthy.

Great for multi cat households
Author: Randa
Location: OH
We were encouraged to use this for our multi-cat household by a vet who worked at a shelter. We give each of them a dose in a wet food treat every day and the result over the past several years has been amazing. If we can save one vet bill a year, it pays for itself. Keeps eyes clear, respiratory systems clear and improves coats. We have several allergic cats who have never been healthier.

Great for URI or cats with eye issues.
Author: Melissa
I have a kitty who has eye issues (cloudiness in her eye) and her eye specialist recommends this product. It is easy to dose, I just add it to a bit of wet food. I also volunteer in a shelter and have given this to cats with URI- you can see a difference in just a few days. VetDepot has great service and this price is much better than getting it at my specialist office. The specialist advised me that all my cats can benefit from this product (even the ones who have no issues - it helps to boost their immune system).

Great Product
Author: Mary
Location: Charleston, SC
This is a very good product. My cat Mimi is two years old now. She was a rescue. I found her at four weeks old barely clinging to life. Both her eyes were so swollen that you couldn't tell that she had eyeballs. She suffers from Ocular Herpes. I managed to get the herpes under control and now use this product every day/twice a day as recommended in her food to help keep it under control. She has not had another outbreak since she was a kitten. We will be using this product for her lifetime. Since I have three other cats in the house, I regularly give some to them just to boost their immune system. To date, none of my other kitties have had problems with their eyes or respiratory tract (no draining eyes, sneezing or nasal congestion). The viral infection was difficult/expensive to treat and there is no cure, so keeping it under control is so important. I can only say that I attribute our success to this product. I purchased this product from the vet for a while but they only sold the 100gm size and, again as with other products, it was at approx 3X the cost of VetDepot when I purchase the 600gm size! That got expensive and old fast with four cats! Also, it was a long drive to get it. Thank you VetDepot for pricing reasonably and for fast/dependable delivery. I love the free shipping when I purchase in quantity. It allows me to have plenty on hand at all times to keep my cats healthy.

Great product - great size!
Author: Unknown
Location: NC
Lysine has been great keeping my cats healthy. We've had less respiratory infections from frequent travels to less drainage from an eye removal. This size is perfect for my multi-cat household too! It comes with a handy dosing scoop so all I need to do is sprinkle a scoop over each cats dish.

Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder, 600 gm
Author: Kimberly
A great product that helps keep my cats healthy. One cat has a chronic eye problem, and Viralys controls it completely. The 600gm size is a great value!

Viralys, An Immunity Booster
Author: Michele
Location: PA
Viralys was originally recommended to me by our primary vet about 6 yrs ago for one of our 7 kitties who has chronic Herpes of the respiratory tract. I really believe it has made a significant difference in his condition by boosting his resistance and reducing the frequency of his symptoms (draining eyes, sneezing, terrible nasal congestion). We have been giving it to all of our little guys since. It's easy to use - just sprinkle a little scoopful on their food bowls twice a day. I truly believe it has helped each one of them as well.

I am also pleased with the service that I have gotten from VetDepot staff!

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