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Reviews for Pala-Tech Canine Thyroid Chewable Tablets, 0.4mg, 180 Count (1010213)

Pala-Tech Canine Thyroid Chewable Tablets, 0.4mg, 180 Count
Author: Lisa
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
These have been back ordered for months and I had to substitute a different brand. It was nearly impossible to get my dog to take them. I had to hide them in food or she would spit them out on the floor. Not with the Pala-Tech, I just put it in my hand and she takes it!

Author: Teresa
My 15 year old 10lb poodle would not take pills. It was difficult to HIDE the pill and try to get her to eat the entire pill. The first time I used Pala-Tech I grinned it up and sprinkled it on her food and she loved it! She licks the bottom of the bowel just in case there are a few morsels she missed. Her thyroid is perfectly normal now that she is getting her full dosage. Vet-Depot's speed in obtaining a prescription and delivery are unbeatable.

Thank you so much for making both our lives easier and Sophie healthy.


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