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Reviews for Temaril-P, 100 Tablets (1011366)

Author: Mike K.
This product works great on my dog. He itches a lot and makes himself bleed. With this medicine that is reduced quite significantly.

Allergy relief for a great price!
Author: Arlingtonmom
This medication has been working wonders for my dog's allergies, and it is a relief to me to find it at such a great price!

Can't live without it.
Author: DWinVA
Location: Virginia
My 6-yr old Beagle has been on Temaril-P for about 5 years now. He has several food and respiratory allegies. He takes a daily allergy pill, a monthly allergy injection, and he takes 1 Temaril-P a day. If he misses his 1 Temaril-P pill, he is backward-coughing in just hours. The side effects, hunger and thirst, are manageable. We let him snack on unflavored popcorn and vegetables, and we keep large bowls of fresh water everywhere. We keep his pills with us everywhere we go, we just can't live without it.

Great Allergy Medicine
Author: Conner
Location: Dallas, Texas
My dog has been on this for years with no side affects. Prednisone is the widely prescribed medication for allergies; reasonably priced but it will cause the lack of urinary control. On Temaril-P that is not a problem so it's worth the extra cost. Also, I found VetDepot to be the least expensive, has the best communication/customer service, & very quick delivery.

Great Pricing!
Author: mr sweetness
Location: Evanston, IL
My dog needs two of these a day so that he does not suffer from his allergies. After paying my vet for this medication, I took a look at what I had to pay elsewhere. VetDepot has great low pricing and easy re-ordering!

Great Product For my Sharpei's Allergies
Author: Diane
Great product for my Sharpei's allergies!

it works!
Author: sumnerfan
My dog Abby had horrible allergies, one of them being grass. She loves to be outside. She chews her poor little feet and legs like crazy. I tried allergy shots for over 6+ months, benedryl...nothing helped. Finally my vet put her on this. Amazing difference. We are down to 2 pills 2x a day. She finally seems happy and normal.

Love this product!!!
Author: Kimberly
Location: Maryland
My dog,Roxie, does so well on this product. She has terrible allergies and This does the trick!!!

Temaril-P, 100 Tablets
Author: Colleen
Location: Tucson AZ
I am very pleased with this medication for my 2 dogs. But more than that, I am THRILLED about the cost. I was paying almost double the amount. What a great savings and the medicine works!

Temaril-P, 100 Tablets
Author: Mike
Location: New York
This medication works great for my dog's allergies. My dog has been on this medication for few years with no side effects.

VetDepot offers very good price and quick delivery.

Temeril P life changing!
Author: Milli
Location: Colorado
<p>After numerous tests and special baths that had minimal results this has worked for all our girl's non specific allergies that are not seasonal. This amazing product offers year round relief!</p>

Author: LaurieB
Location: Las Vegas, NV
This is the best medication for allergies. My dog had suffered until we started her on this daily routine. Our vet gave us the information and I researched the best value. No doubt I'll be reordering because the itching is under control and no apparent side effects with her appetite and bathrooming.

The only product that has worked!
Location: Boulder,Colorado
<p>After numerous tests and scrapping for allergen reaction, we found our girl was allergic</p><p>year round to all (non specific) elements of allergies.</p><p>She has found relief with this product and and has stopped pulling her fur out with constant scratching. She rarely licks or chews on her feet and is much calmer and happier!</p>

What a savings!
Author: Jeff B.
Location: texas
I used to get these from my vet at over $2.00 a pop. Now I save a bunch of money getting them through vet depot. Now both my pet and i are both happy!

Yankee Shopper
Author: Yankee Shopper
Location: Connecticut
My Dog is on Temaril for an extended time due to severe allergies. Used to get them right from vet at about 80 cents a pop. Shopped around and found the best price, way below everyone else here at VetDepot. Will continue to use as long as prices remain a bargain.

Highly recommend!

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