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Reviews for Tape Worm Tabs Canine (Praziquantel) 34 mg, 5 Tablets (1010784)

Best out there!
Author: Lori
This particular brand always works very quickly. The first time I noticed tapeworms in my dogs stool, I freaked out! Thankfully I found this brand, and it quickly, and with no side effects, cleared them all out! Thank you.

Droncit "Praziquantel"
Author: Anthony Tukes
Location: TEXAS
Definitely the best tapewormer on the market, I tried several other products with no avail, just happened upon this and found out it was the generic of Droncit at half the price!!

Great Product
Author: fran
Location: la.
<p>I called and the rep knew exactly what I needed. This took care of the problem. My order arrived quickly.</p>

great product!
Author: kitty
Location: orlando fl
Worked immediately! 1/2 tab & the worms were gone! (be careful when opening package as dosage instructions are on inside of box)

So worth the purchase and so much cheaper than paying high vet bills for the same exact product! Me and my puppy thank you.

Safe medicine
Author: May
Location: TX
I have Sharpei dogs and one of them had tapeworm. I'm glad that I found this site, it has a decent price for medicine and shipping. Sharpai is sensitive to some stuff, but he did not have any side effect after using this medicine. After 2 days he took it, I didn't see tapeworm anymore. Convince and fast shipping. Thanks again.

tape worm tabs canine (praziquantel)
Author: dave
Location: duluth,mn
tape worms gone! saved a substantial amount from not buying locally. shipping was fast and a very nice transaction. will buy again

Tape Worm Tabs Canine (Praziquantel) 34 mg, 5 Tablets
Author: Fran
Location: Attica, NY
This is the same product I have bought locally and paid more money for - even with the shipping cost added in. The instructions are clear. No guessing. It does the job. One dog of mine has allergies. This product has not had any adverse affects on him.

Tapeworms gone!!
Author: Marilyn
Location: North Bend Oregon
I am very happy with this product. I had ordered it before from another company for my other dog who had whipworms and it worked for her. When I discovered that Happy had worms, I knew this product was what was needed. I received a newsletter from Dogster recommending this website for a better deal price-wise. I gave the pill to my dog as soon as they came in the mail and the worms are gone.

They work!
Author: Kim
Location: none
These contain the same de-wormer found in prescription Droncit and are much cheaper. It's best to dose once and then again two weeks later.

Works Great!
Author: Debra
My pets had no side affects and this product worked great! Glad I found it much cheaper than taken them to Vet.

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