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Reviews for Monoject 412 Curved Tip Syringe, 12 cc, Single Syringe (1010696)

Latex free
Author: Grant Hall
Location: Gresham, OR
I am highly allergic to latex and am always glad to find quality products without latex in them.

review for Monoject 412, curved tip syringe
Author: Linda
Location: Washington State
I could not live without this curved neck syringe, I always have at least one dog that refuses pills, so I crush up the pills, and add water/broth and squirt it into the throat.

Syringe 12 cc, Curved-Tipped, Monoject, One
Author: Nancy
Location: Florida
We have found that curved tip works well for giving animals their medicine. You just get the tip around the corner of their mouth and squirt a little. The have to lick it up and it works very well. We have not tried this product for the purpose mentioned above infuse anal glands and abscesses. This syringe is easy to use and can be reused numerous times.

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