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Reviews for Syringe 1 cc, 25 gauge x 5/8 in. RL, Terumo, 100 (1013882)

Latex-free syringe
Author: Jay Nixon
Location: Nowhere, NJ
Quality product. I love the markings because they are big and clear and easy on my old eyes.

Syringe 1 cc, 25 gauge x 5/8 in. RL, Terumo, 100 (1013882)
Author: gracie's mom
I give my dog SQ injections of B12 and finding this needle gauge-syringe combo is not as easy as you might think. My second box - never an issue. Like many needles you should still "seat" it onto the syringe - meaning give it a twist to make sure it is firmly on the hub of the syringe. Smooth draw - smooth delivery. I like this combo. By the way the syringe pictured with this product is an insulin syringe...not what you get.

Twice needles have broken off during injections
Author: abby's mom
I am very disappointed. Twice when I have pressed the plunger the needle has broken off and the medication has spilled out while the poor dog is left with a needle in his skin.

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