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Reviews for SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray (1010515)

Amazing Product
Author: Jason Collins
Location: Jacksonville, FL
I'd never heard of this being an effective animal deterrent and thought we'd try it out. As of now I've only tested it by spraying it on my fence to see if it kept my own dogs away and I'll be damned, it does. They simply don't like the smell I guess. A bonus is mosquitoes hate it.

Great training tool
Author: April
Our trainer had recommended a citronella based spray for training. It has been wonderful both for aggressive behavior and incessant barking. After just a week I just show her the canister and she falls in line.

The citronella spray is a deterrent to dogs but tolerable for me. Only negative is it shoots out of the canister like a missile. A broader stream would be better.

Highly recommended animal deterrant
Author: Jill
Our cat has high anxiety because of an outdoor animal presence (cats, raccoons, etc.) and his specialist suggested that we spray a perimeter around the house. She uses it at her home very successfully.

I never walk my dogs without this
Author: 3HoundMom
I have used this twice on walks to defend my dogs, who were on leashes, from dogs who were roaming loose. Very effective. When a neighbor’s Great Dane attacked my long haired Dachshund I sprayed the Dane right in the face without fear that of this getting on my Dachshund because it does not burn like pepper spray. Pepper spray is dangerous not only to your own dogs but it can make aggressive dogs more aggressive because it burns.

Limited Success
Author: Chris
Location: Indiana
I bought this to diffuse some reoccuring fights two of my male dogs were having. It does temporarily startle them if I spray them as they are beginning to growl at each other, but doesn't seem to have much more effect than if I use a squirt gun or spray bottle. No idea how it would work if an unknown dog were to approached threateningly. I do like that the scent is pleasant and not harmful to the user.

Saved my dog!
Author: Ally
Location: So. AZ
Five dogs charged my young rescue dog while she was on a leash, at my side, in the National Forest. The huge, alpha, gray pit bull came at her head on. Without thinking, and no previous experience, I pulled sprayshield out of my pocket and fired it between her upright ears. The spray hit his eyes, then nose (bingo), then tongue. He shook his head and retreated at a run as his irresponsible (jogging) owner called. I reported it. Officer said that his department uses Sprayshield. The owner had a date with a judge. My dog would have been eviscerated for sure!

Spray shield
Author: Kat
Location: Indiana
I bought this to keep neighbor dogs from coming into my yard and attacking my cats. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but will update this as soon as I do.

SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray
Author: Joanie G
Spray Shield is a great product! In our neighborhood many dogs are in the road without supervision, so an effective and humane deterrent is a must! We have used Spray Shield on a handful of occasions with good results, namely no dog to dog contact. This product is economically priced, has a long spray range and is easy to use. I highly recommend Spray Shield to others.

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