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Reviews for Siphotrol Plus Indoor Fogger, 6 oz (1015088)

Haven't seen a flea since using this!
Author: Dee
Location: E. Hampton CT
So I originally tried the flea foggers you can get at Home Depot etc.., but none of them have IGR (and didn't work anyways) which is necessary to kill the little buggers. I used this once and haven't seen a flea since. I also treated the yard with flea killer and I have bombed again based off the advice of my vet even though I haven't seen any in the house nor on the dog (which I did find them on her after treating the house with the other brands flea fogger & I also got bitten the day after I had fogged the house). It is a little pricey compared to the stuff in the stores, but is worth it since it works!

Very effective
Author: S. Doran
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
My dog got out for one day. One day! And then within a week it seemed like my entire house was infested with fleas. I vacuumed constantly, treated all my animals, put flea powder down every day on the carpet, but the fleas kept coming. Until I tried this. I was scared of using a fogger but once I did and saw how well it worked and how easy it was, I regretted wasting so much time trying other things first.

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