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Reviews for Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray, 16 oz (1015079)

Siphotrol spray helped immensely
Author: Kate K
My dog has had a flea problem for about the past 2.5 months. I tried everything on her -- flea shampoo, Capstar, etc. But still they kept coming back. I was vacuuming all rooms of the house but the vet said I really needed to treat the environment to get rid of the fleas. I didn't want to "bug bomb" so I ordered Siphotrol. I sprayed my bedroom once (all the carpet) and then the baseboards of the living room (laminate floor). A day later I vacuumed up a bunch of dead fleas! I treated again about 1.5 weeks later and I haven't seen another flea. Crossing my fingers this is the end of my flea problem!

Author: Amber Davis
Location: Robstown, TX
We have a mostly outdoor dog that sleeps in the garage. Even though we treat her for fleas and bathe her, she somehow got covered in them about 2 months ago. Of course, they infested the entire garage. You could not walk into the place without getting dozens of fleas on your legs. We tried sweeping, hosing it down, spraying other products, but nothing worked. I used this twice, sprayed everything down with it, and the fleas disappeared. That was almost two weeks ago and I have no seen a flea since.

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