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Reviews for Simplicef 200 mg, 100 Tablets (1014102)

Author: Mia Lehman
Location: Great Falls MT
I got this for my dog's UTI and she felt better in two days. I used it as my vet instructed and her symptoms have not come back. It is one of the more expensive antibiotics but my vet said it is very effective.

Simplicef Works!
Author: Dan
We have an American Cocker that has had horrible skin problems for years. This drug took it away...and we had tried everything. Nothing else worked.

Author: Joni
Location: Tulsa, OK
Thanks to Dan & all the people that take the time to give an honest review. My Maltese puppy has a skin disorder and it gives me comfort knowing that this RX worked for someone. I'll leave my review when I see the results..

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