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Reviews for Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 1%, 50 gm (1016466)

Good Wound Treatment
Author: Terry
Got this after seeing it used by my vet to treat a large area of exposed flesh when a sheep got hurt (approx. 80-90 square inches of hide torn away). Easy to apply, seemed not to cause the animal pain, and gave good protection for the open wound while still being easy to wrap.

I used this as a vet tech
Author: Greg
Location: Prairie Hill, TX
This is a great item to use as a treatment for cuts on horses. When proud flesh is a possibility it needs to be mixed with something else, but any other non deep puncture wound will heal fast and well using this product. If it is in a spot where it can not be removed by the animal, just apply, in spots it can be disturbed, apply liberally and wrap.

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