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Reviews for ResiSOOTHE Oatmeal Leave-on Lotion, 8 oz (1010513)

Allergy Relief
Author: Gerry
Location: Jersey City, N.J.
I had been to our veterinarian several times this summer to try to find some relief for my little Pekingese male dog, age 10 years old. He started itching early in the season, mid March 2012. We were given two different pills recommended for itch relief. One increased his appetite to a point that he was eating too much for his size, stopped that one. The other one, barely gave him relief. Then the rash started to discolor and the vet recommended shots that had terrible side effects. The med was worse than the original problem. That was when I started reading on about all the liquids and shampoos to try to use for relief. The lotion helps soothe the skin, baby powder dries the rash, but in the long summer, only the resoothe lotion helped to return his skin to normal and give him some relief from the itch. Now at the end of summer, the itch is almost gone and his skin is no longer red, but a pale pink. I am still using the lotion to control the last remains of itching, and hope and pray the itch will be gone once the weather cools down. For a dog to suffer like mine did this summer, it is so sad that no one can come up with a quick cure.

Great Product
Author: Darcy
Location: Arizona
I have a frenchie with really sensitive skin...and this leave in helps build that barrior on his skin so that air born allergens don't get in. It also smells great!

Love it!
Author: LPei
Location: Isle of Wight, VA
I had a puppy come in that had spent its life (10 months) laying in its own urine. The dog was "naked" :( This lotion helped bring his skin back to what it should be and he is now growing fur! Six weeks later, he's no longer naked! He still has a ways to go until he has a full coat of fur, but he's well on his way to a healthy coat :)

Very soothing
Author: Nathan DeWitt
Location: S Philly
This is great for irritated and dry skin.

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