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Reviews for Renal K + (Potassium Gluconate) Powder, 100 gm (1013887)

Best Form For My Cat
Author: Wendy P.
Location: TN
I tried multiple forms of potassium gluconate for my cat. This one mixes best with wet cat food (the gel was too hard to stir in). If it seems a bit dry after stirring, a tiny amount of water mixed in will help. I love that this product dissolves well in water as it is really a crystal, not an anhydrous powder. The only reason I gave less than five stars is that sometimes my cat won't eat the food, but it also has another one or two medicines mixed in, but no pattern that I can tell for when she won't eat it. At least this form is cheap enough that I don't mind wasting a little every so often.

Cat Loved It!
Author: katD
My cat was diagnosed with a low potassium level and the vet prescribed her the Renal K+ gel. She didn't really like taking it. But I noticed that she took her powder arthritis medicine on her food without any issues so I decided to give this product a try.

It works so well.

Effective and Easy to Use Product
Author: Donna B.
Location: NM
My vet suggested that I purchase Renal K+ as a supplement for my dog diagnosed with kidney disease. My dog's potassium levels were low on a blood test. After 2 weeks of using Renal K+, my dog's potassium levels were back in the normal range when re-tested. The powder is very easy to sprinkle over his food and he eats it readily. The B-complex vitamins in Renal K+ also are an important supplement for my dog and it is great that they are combined with the potassium. The product shipped quickly from VetDepot and I will definitely continue to purchase from them in the future.

Excellent product
Author: Emma's Mom
Location: Upstate NY
My cat has responded very well to the potassium dietary supplementation. I was amazed at the turn around in her behavior (more interactive, bright and perky) in just 2 weeks after I started giving her Renal K+. I sprinkle it on her food, and I suspect it enhances the flavor a little (like salt), because she usually finishes the bowl with the Renal K+ before the extra bowl of food that she also gets. One 100 gm container lasts several months. This item from this manufacturer is somewhat hard to find, so I've been very pleased to be able to purchase it from Vet Depot at a reasonable price.

Exellent Product!
Author: Katarina
Location: Denver, CO
Last year when my bellowed kitty "Kocurik" (means little kitty boy) suffered Pancreatic Lipase he was not doing well. The doctors saved his life, but he was just not getting better. He behaved like a zombie, listless, and disoriented. I did some research and bingo!, the symptoms were consistent with lack of Potassium. I bought Renal K, which, in his case, doubled as a help in treating his kidney deficiency ( I hate to call it renal failure, seems so fatalistic) and he's going strong. He'd gained weight, he's playful and just a pride and joy to me, his mama. He's 14yrs old now and I am looking forward having him for a long time yet. Thank you, RENAL K!

Great Price, Fast Shipping and my Cats are Happy
Author: PJ
Location: Olympia, WA
I searched and searched for a better price on this after paying $30 at my vet and was amazed to find this value - for the exact same brand and size. My orders always come super fast, too. As to whether it works, I wasn't seeing symptoms I could identify so I can't say I see a difference, but I do know the importance of potassium for my elderly cats, and seem to like it on their food. So I'll trust that it's doing what it's supposed, especially after reading all these great reviews!

Great product for potassium supplementation
Author: alc
I have a cat that needs to have potassium supplements. This product is very easy to use, just sprinkle on top of the food or mix with a tiny bit and my cat will lap it up. Very easy administration. And it works. Her potassium levels have come up since I have been giving her the RenalK.

Great product!
Author: Kate
Location: Texas
I use this with my 17 year old Burmese, and he bounds around like a young cat. I just sprinkle it on his heaping teaspoon of wet food, and he chows down. This makes a big difference with his renal numbers -- controls it so well, we only have to use it once a day. VetDepot goofed and sent the gel, but when I called, they immediately sent the powder and a label for the return of the gel. Prompt and efficient! I will use them again.

Great solution
Author: janine
Location: trumbull, ct
My finicky 17 year old female cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and heart murmur -- she had been shedding a lot and not acting like herself. We stopped trying to give her the special food as she rejected it. Instead we are giving her the Renal K sprinkled on her usual food, and even in a little water, and she loves it. I'm so happy I don't have to force food she doesn't like on her. In the mean time, she quickly stopped shedding and is spry again, so the Renal K seems to be saving her and making our life easier!!

Author: Chuck Martinez
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
My beloved mom's dog had something called hypokylemia (spelling?) and the vet gave me a list of things that help. This was the #1 so we ordered it. It's perfect.

My cat prefers the powder to the gel
Author: Lisa
Location: Chicago, IL
My cat had an adrenalcortical carcinoma which was depleting her if her potassium. After an adrenalectomy and two weeks of renal k she is acting like a kitten. Pre op potassium level was 2.4. Two weeks later, 3.6. The vet gave me the gel version of this product and that became a struggle after she stopped taking pain meds and realized i was putting something in her food. I put the powder in with her wet food and she gobbles it up, didnt even notice something was mixed with her food!

Renal K + (Potassium Gluconate) Powder
Author: Marion
Location: Nampa ID
I have been giving Renal K to my cat for more than a year now. He is dealing with hyperthyroidism, hypertension and a heart murmur. For a 17 year old, he is doing very well. I also hydrate him every other day. He was not doing well a year ago and I thought I was going to have to put him to sleep. But we discovered the potassium deficiency and it has made a tremendous difference. I have recently begun purchasing from VetDepot for his medications and it has been a great relief for my pocket book. They are efficient and prompt and since the meds are delivered to my house, it saves me a 35mile round trip to my vet. Thanks much VetDepot!

Renal K + (Potassium Gluconate) Powder, 100 gm
Author: Janice
Location: Boise, ID
I have 2 cats that get Renal K in their moist food and have never had them turn their noses up. That's important since they need it. Easy to use too.

Renal K+ Powder
Author: Larry
Location: Mountain Center, CA
Marley, our Besenji has Fanconi syndrome and requires potassium for which the vet gave us Renal K+ gel. He hated the point that if he even got a taste or whiff of it, he wouldn't eat his food that we mixed it with. We then decided to try Renal K+ powder, and we mix it with fish oil, add warm water and then his dog food, and he loves it. Licks the bowl extra clean! Thank you.

Seems to be working!
Author: Carrie G
Location: Los Angeles, CA
My vet recommended this for my cat's low potassium level. At the check-up his levels had raised. The vet just told me to give him a little more than I was giving him to reach the optimal potassium level. Also be sure to buy online because my vet was selling this to me for $29 per regular size gel (you can find the gel here too). The price online is approximately one third! You can't beat that.

Treat for Tina
Author: Jan
Location: United States
I really can't say what the results are since our cat, Tina, has not had another blood test. However, I'd like to pass this first I thought I'd made a mistake in buying the powder instead of the ointment since Tina would turn her nose up at the powder sprinkled on her kibble. So I later held the open container under her nose to see if she'd turn away. Instead, she started walking in circles, meowing excitedly. A brainstorm....I put a small amount on a saucer with a tsp. of water. Suspending the powder in a small amount of water was perfect; Tina enthusiastically lapped it up. So every morning and night she gets her "treat" and we're both happy.

Wonderful for my Picky Kitty!
Author: A R
<p>I have a 16 year old cat that recently started having kidney infections. My vet gave me the gel form of this and it helped her greatly but she hated it. I hated giving it to her thru a syringe and it smelled like maple syrup. She would gag and run from me if she saw it coming. So my vet got wise and told me to try this powder form. Amazing! Smells a bit "fishy" but so easy to mix in with can food. My kitty eats it right up! So far so good! Would recommend!</p>

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