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Reviews for Renal K + (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 5 oz (1013897)

Adequate product with some compromises
Author: 4theluvofcats
We use this for our CRF cat for potassium deficiency. It doesn't upset his stomach like the powdered potassium citrate supplement we tried prior to Renal K+ and we like that. As the reviewer before me noted, it has a very strong, sweet maple smell which is created with artificial flavoring and aspartame, which is not our favorite thing about this product. For an animal with compromised renal function, it does not makes sense to us to have unneccessary and potentially harmful ingredients added, all to create a syrupy essense we presume is designed more to appeal to human noses than our kitty's taste buds. Still, he tolerates this product better than any other we've tried and it DOES soothe the muscle spasms and twitches that he was having prior to potassium supplementation. Of course, we do feel compelled to note that it's a good idea to do your research when supplementing CRF cats (with potassium and anything else you might be considering implementing) & even though potassium gluconate currently works for our kitty, we would encourage you to consult blood test results with your vet when deciding between gluconate and citrate, because as we understand it, gluconate is not *always* the most suitable option of the two.

Good Deal
Author: Gail
<p>This product saved my cat's life when her heart failure treatment, a diuretic, caused a critically low potassium. It's cheaper than what the vet sells, and the vet said to keep her on it for the rest of her life. I put half a teaspoon in some canned Friskies pate' twice a day, and she eats it just fine, as a supplement to her regular dry food. I serve the food at room temp or microwave ten seconds if refrigerated, and mix the Renal K in thoroughly. I buy the three pack now, but originally just tried the single.</p>

Good Product, Great Price
Author: Noelle
Location: Michigan
<p>My 12-year old male cat Perro (yeah, I know) receives Renal K + twice a day for low K. The vet doesn't know why he's low, as he doesn't have CRF, but he's a skittish fellow so maybe stress is the reason, but I digress. I love Vet Depot's Renal K + price and expeditious shipping. I always get my order sooner than anticipated and Perro has never had to go without! By the way, I have to force the gel into my kitty's mouth, but since I've yet to witness a cat willingly take any type of med., I believe it to be the nature of the beast. So glad I found this online company!</p>

Immediate Improvement
Author: Lorna B.
Location: Virginia
Same product purchased from my vet but paid almost 3x more at vet! Showed immediate - 1 dose - improvement for cat with failing adrenals - strength in muscles - especially hind quarters greatly improved. Cat will need for as long as he lives - may not be too long - but quality of life improved with product. Good expiration dates on tubes and fast delivery.

It works for now
Author: Wendy
Location: TN
Our cat needs potassium gluconate for low potassium and this costs less than the prescription tablets we were using. We add it to a small amount of wet food (for our cat it must be a paste style food) and it is very sticky and does eventually stir in. As long as our cat does not tire of the one flavor of food that we have found that is a paste (not labeled that way), this should work.

Potassium Supplement
Author: Stephen
Location: williamsburg, Va.
This is the same product my vet charges $20 a tube for, even with shipping charges it's cheaper than the vet.

Renal K
Author: Joel
Location: Westchester County New York
Excellent cost-effective product for help in managing CRF. Have an 18 year old Siamese still getting around on a regimen that includes Renal-K.

Renal K + (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 5 oz
Author: Donna
Location: MA
I give this to my cat to keep her Potassium levels up. She has heart disease and high blood pressure, so her Potassium level is important. Although I was surprised at the maple scent in a pet medication, she loves it and licks it right up. I even put her other meds in the gel and she takes them. It is a little difficult to measure the correct dose in a syringe since the gel is thick and sticks to everything, but maybe someone has a better way to measure that I haven't thought about. Overall, I would still recommend this since my cat takes it without any issues.

Renal K + (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 5 oz
Author: Michele
Location: GA
I have two cats currently receiving the Renal K+ for kidney issues as recommended by my vet. The thick gel smells like maple syrup - one cat loves it the other cat hates it. For dosing, the tube opening fits right over the plunger end of a 3cc syringe - squeeze the gel into the syringe to the proper dose (my 2 cats receive 1.5ml and 2.5ml twice a day), replace the syringe plunger and then it is easy to squirt the gel into your cat's mouth. So far this gel has kept their potassium levels where they need to be. Rated a 4 only because I think the maple syrup flavor is the reason the one cat does not like it and tends to drool and try to spit it out and it gets pretty messy.

Renal K + (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 5 oz
Author: Karen
Location: Burlington, WA
The tube of Renal K I purchased is exactly the same as I buy at my vet's office, but it is way cheaper buying from VetDepot!!! I saved over $8.00 and that is including the shipping cost.

Renal K+ Gel
Author: John
Location: New York State
Vet does not carry the gel any longer, so I am glad to find it online at a very reasonable price. My two siamese are on it for life and it has helped out their potassium level greatly.

Renal-K Gel
Author: Terry
Location: Warrenton, VA
Cat hates it, but it has brought his potassium levels back to normal and is helping hold off the effects of CRF. It's part of his daily regimen, and this product from VetDepot is exactly the same that we'd been buying from the vet for nearly 3 times the price. Not sure that it needs the flavoring and additives, but it works. Vet Depot was great when it was backordered, placing a call to me to advise and offer options.

Used this product for more than two years!
Author: Kathy
Location: Alexandria, VA
Apollo has kidney disease and this has done wonders.

Vet Depot provided excellent service and a good price.

Thank you!

Vet Depot delivered Renal K to me very quickly.
Author: CC
Location: Texas
<p>My cat seems to be more active and cheerful after using this product. He likes the taste and takes it readily.</p><p>Vet Depot delivered Renal K to me very quickly. I would highly recommend using them for your pet needs.</p>

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