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Reviews for Reconcile (Fluoxetine) 8 mg, 30 Tablets (1016347)

A Lifesaver
Author: Mei Mei's Mom
Location: San Diego
Reconcile has been a lifesaver! Because of stress, my dog began having super bad anxiety at night and none of us could get any sleep. Now she's calm at night and we are all so much happier!

Awsome product and store
Author: Greg
Best price I have found on the web for this much needed medication. I have a Siamese with a nervous condition. He needs his meds every couple of days to stay chill and not puke bile nonstop. Great price and fast easy delivery.

Helped our dog just be himself, and not just afraid
Author: lacey1
This is like an anti-depressent in people. If you use too much, you will be tired and slowed down a bit, but if you use the right amount, your true personality will show though, and things like fear, etc. will no longer get in your true personality's way. Let my dog feel un-anxious and stop being afraid of EVERYTHING for the first time. His fun, active, sweet self could finally come through, and he is sooooooo happy now. He can just enjoy life and not be afraid or anxious about everything anymore. Truly a life changer for us. We have our dog back :)

New Drug Treatment for Cushing's Disease
Author: S. Macki
Location: Las Vegas, NV
My dog is on a two month trial to reduce his stress hormones. The drug has been responsible for my dog's overall mood and behavior improvements. Specifically, his former lethargy and rages against his brother have disappeared.

Pookie to the Rescue
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Pookie, our Yorkshire Terrier, is a rescue dog that our family adopted two years ago. He suffered from separation anxiety, among other ailments, and the Reconcile has helped him tremendously. He is no longer as anxious as he previously was and does not urinate/mark our house any longer. This medicine has made a huge difference in Pookie and our home. Thank you for providing this medication at a most reasonable cost to the public, of course with a prescription from our veterinarian. Our family is most grateful for this medication!

Author: DFR
The product is really working with my dog. The dogsitters said they would take him anytime now. So thank you.

He is much more peaceful.

This drug can benefit others and so can your wonderful prices.


Reconcile is a perfect when you want a hyper pet to be calm
Author: Melanie Baxter
Location: Palm Desert
I have used this med for years on my Yorkie who actually gets so sick when I used to leave that he would end up in the hospital. Now he is calm and that allows me to leave the home. He just falls asleep.

VetDepot has the best prices!
Author: Meg
Location: San Diego, CA
My dog has been taking Reconcile, which was prescribed by my animal behaviorist, to help him get over separation anxiety. Reconcile along with some minor training adjustments seems to be helping. I was paying my vet $50 for this med and am so glad I found PetDepot. Their price is much cheaper for the exact same medicine. They were quick to get the RX from my vet and ship out the product.

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