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Reviews for Puralube Vet Ointment, 1/8 oz (1011897)

Excellent for Dry Eyes
Author: Mickey
Location: Newark, DE
We have an older pekingese who is prone to dry eyes so we put the ointment in his eyes before bedtime to keep his eyes moisturized while he sleeps (with his eyes half open lol).

Good for Crusty Eye Discharge
Author: alicia
I have a girl whose eye discharge turns hard if I don't clean it right away. It sometimes gets very hard. With this ointment, it softens and allows me to scrape off the discharge easily. Innocuous as well, no unneeded antibiotics or other such nasty additions. Will continue to use this!

Good product - easy to use
Author: fillyok
I do chow rescue and they're prone to having issues with their eyes. It seems like I'm always purchasing eye drops, ointment, or other things for my fosters and personal chows. Buying from VetDepot really helps my budget and it's so easy to order on-line and get it in the mail.

Great product
Author: Debbie
Location: Wichita, Kansas
The product works great to help lubricate and protect an eye that no longer can produce tears. The price was very competitive as well.

Puralube Vet Ointment, 1/8 oz
Author: Alicia Reimann
Location: Antigo, WI
My horse tends to get "stuff" in his eye every spring, which then gets infected. Looking forward to having this product on hand when it happens the next time. Great price and product!

Senior Dog with Severe KCS
Author: AJ
I have a senior dog with severe KCS on both eyes. She lost all vision in one eye and has partial vision in the other. I used Optimmune for a few years which did help but would never correct the condition. It was expensive. I worried about long term effects of Optimmune so I began looking for another treatment. I now use Puralube twice a day along with eye drops and it is doing just as good of a job as Optimmune. I do have to wipe out her eyes every few hours and apply drops but the Puralube is great to use before bed. She can nearly close her eyes when she sleeps.

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