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Reviews for Proviable-DC for Dogs and Cats, 80 Capsules (1016489)

Excellent Digestive Aid For My Husky
Author: Norann Mc
Location: Seeley Lake, MT
<p>My 12 year old Dakota was having chronic diarrhea since December. At first we attributed it to the loss of her litter mate, who passed on Dec 1. It kept coming and going for several months and my normal remedy (pumpkin) just didn't work this time. Our vet recommended Proviable. Once we finished the month supply he gave us, we found much better pricing for the exact same item with Vet Depot. If your dog is having digestive problems, I highly recommend this product. It is working for my precious girl. I hope you have the same success.</p>

Excellent Product
Author: Poodle Mom
Location: Illinois
Use it for my dogs when they travel or are in stressful situations. Helps keep them feeling well and active. Very good price.

Fantastic Product
Author: etbm2003
Location: East Lyme, CT
My American Bulldog mix has a very sensitive stomach--one little change in what he eats can throw him off for several days. We changed to a more easily digestible food and added canned pumpkin to his diet, but when our vet recommended this product we figured we'd give it a try. It works very well. Our dog used to poop five or more times a day and it was always mushy; now he goes two or three times a day and it's solid and less smelly. He's also much less gassy. Our vet charged us $35 for 30 pills, so this is a great deal! I recommend giving it a try if your dog has tummy issues.

For a healthy cat...
Author: Cat Lover
The only probiotic my cat will have... I sprinkle it on his fish oil each morning and he considers it a wonderful treat! With digestive problems as a kitten, and none currently, we will continue to use this product.

Great product! Definitely ask your vet about this one if you need a probiotic supplement for your dog.
Author: Leigh Anne
Location: Missouri
I've been giving this to my dog for a little over a year now, and it's done him a lot of good. He had really bad allergies when he was around 6-8 mos. We finally consulted a holistic vet, and this is one of the supplements she recommended for him. Over time, his allergies have cleared up, and his immune system seems to have gotten much stronger. I would highly recommend this. Just be sure to check with your vet first!

Helpful during antibiotic treatment
Author: Frankie
Location: Northbrook, IL
Our dog was on antibiotics for 17 days following surgery with a long incision. I wish we had started Proviable immediately, instead of 7 days later. The inevitable side effect of antiobiotics killing off all bacteria, including the helpful digestive beasties, has been improving with Proviable. I do find that I have to mix it in really well with a favorite food, or hide the powder "inside" something, because my dog seems to not like the taste, or maybe the powdery consistency, if it is not well disguised. But then, he is very picky. VetDepot's price is less than half what the vet charges--and our vet is relatively reasonable compared to others in the area.

LOVE this product!
Author: ChristineB
Location: Mount Vernon, WA
We originally used this product when we were travelling through Las Vegas. Our female cat, who has a history of intestinal problems, got a really bad bout of diarrhea. We took her to a local vet and she recommended Proviable. We could not believe how well this product worked! Ever since then she gets a capsule sprinkled over her canned food every morning. We also sprinkle it over the dry food (our male cat only eats dry) every night. If we forget to sprinkle it on the dry, we know it right away, as she starts showing signs of very soft stools again. Don't know what we would do with it!

Vet Depot has the best price out there and it gets delivered without delay. Will be ordering this again and again from them!

Author: Janey
Both of my cats have had digestive issues, one chronically, the other occasionally. Nothing we've tried has helped, including several months of homeopathic treatment. Proviable has improved things dramatically. While my one cat's stools are still somewhat soft, they are much better than they were. My other cat is almost completely recovered. It has taken more time than I anticipated, but I understand how important probiotics are not only to digestion but for immunity, so Proviable will remain a part of their care.

Other than the digestive issue, they both are in very good health, which has only been enhanced by Proviable.

Proviable-DC for Dogs and Cats, 80 Capsules
Author: M. Levin
Location: delmar, ny
This product has been a true blessing in that it has completely cured her Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As a result of this medication our cat has become a more affectionate and a friendly pet. On a one to five rating, I'd rate it a five.

Really Helped My Sick Dog
Author: Senior Triker
Location: Loveland, Co
My former vet diagnosed my dog with colitis, after my present vet gave her Metronidazole for diarrhea. She's very sensitive to medications, & got worse -- the drug killed the bad bacteria, the good bacteria, & she had way too much yeast in her gut. She was put on a rice-chicken no fat diet, & my old vet recommended Proviable as a non-yeast-based probiotic. It was instrumental in my dog's recovery. She still gets a cap/day.

Recommended by my Vet and cheaper at Vet Depot
Author: 2 healthy dogs
Location: CA
This probiotic was recommended by my wonderful homeopathic Vet as a great way for my dogs to get the most nutrition out of their food. They are extremely healthy, have perfect digestion and no diarrhea--ever. I just add it to their food each morning.

Relief for doggie IBS symptoms
Author: Kristen
Location: Virginia
This specific product was recommended by my veterinarian for routine maintenance of my dog's IBS. To give you an idea of the sensitivity we're dealing with, my dog used to get an upset stomach every time he started a new bag of food (same brand, same formula!). Since starting on ProViable (1 capsule daily), we've seen significantly fewer flare-ups.

Very Satisfied
Author: carmen
We have been using Proviable-DC for many years. We were very satisfied with the service provided by Vet Depot.

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