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Reviews for Previcox 57 mg, 60 Tablets (Firocoxib) (1013903)

Previcox 57 mg, 60 Tablets (Firocoxib)
Author: David
Location: Lansing, NC
This is a good NSAID, though relatively expensive. Rimadyl didn't work with my 14 yr. old Border Collie mix. It caused stomach bleeding within a short time. She tolerates this one well.

Gettting her Move on!
Author: JoAnn
Location: Benicia Ca
My 10 year old pug is acting like a woman half her age since she started taking Previcox for severe arthritis!

Great Product
Author: Ann
Location: DC
This is a fantastic product, we use it for our 10 year old Cocker Spaniel mix with back problems. He is like a new dog! We appreciate hat Vet Depot gets this to us quickly, and their service is fantastic. I found this company online just be doing price comparisons and have been very pleased.

Great Product - GREAT Price
Author: Nancy
Location: Cleveland OH
My 14 year old cocker, Mr. Dudley has been taking Previcox for almost three years now and it really helps with his degenerative hip disease. Through Vet depot, the cost per pill is 1/3 the cost that it was through the vet.

Thanks vet depot, with all of his medical issues this is just one way you've helped me save.

I really appreciate all you do.

Author: Terry R
Location: Melbourne, FL
<p>My 13 year old Shih Tzu has had a femoral head osteotomy and has ACL damage, but using the Previcox helps her to get around. At times, she thinks she's a puppy! I know t has reduced her pain level.</p>

Previcox 57mg for 14 year old Cocker Spaniel
Author: Daniel's "mama"
Location: California
Daniel has osteo-arthritis, esp in his front elbows. He really needs to walk every day to get full range of motion in all joints. But needs the Previcox to manage the pain. The Previcox (with daily fish oil and glucosamine-condroiitin) prevents symptoms of pain like licking, limping, panting and grouchiness. He is much happier with the supportive dose. Because his dose is low for his weight. I can give him a second dose , when he has a flare-up. (with his vet's blessing)

Previcox combined with Phenylbutazone (Bute) works to manage Pain for my retired Horse
Author: Elizabeth
Location: Bedford NY
Previcox in combination with 1 gram of Phenylbutazone (Bute) daily has help my retired horse deal with the agonizing pain of degenerative joint disease.

Previcox is wonderful for an every day NSAID
Author: Karma
Location: Nevada
<p>Previcox is wonderful for an every day NSAID for my performance horse without the worry of stomach upset and ulcers like Bute can cause. That being said Bute is a much better NSAID at horseshows but for every day Previcox is it!!!</p>

Previcox works wonders!
Author: KC Ray
Location: Medford NY
Previcox helped my arthritic dog tremendously. He acts like he's half his age now.

Used for Pain Management in a Horse with Arthritis and Injury
Author: Pat
Location: Cleveland, OH
Easy to feed, effective. Not irritating to the stomach like bute. Not expensive like the horse counterpart, Equinoxx, which has the same active ingredient. My drug of choice!

Used on a horse instead of the expensive paste equivalent
Author: Pat
Location: Cleveland, OH
I used this in combination with bute for nerve pain in an insulin resistant horse who had been lame for no apparent reason for months. She was sound on the second day! This is a 21 day regimen. Two weeks into it, I rode. So far, so good. I hope it lasts!

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