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Reviews for Previcox 57 mg, 30 Tablets (Firocoxib) (1013902)

Appears to relieve pain and make mhy dog more comfortable
Author: Happypilgrim
Location: Rochester Hills, MI
My Beagle has cancer, and some joint stiffness. She is very lethargic in the morning, and has no interest in eating. Once I wrap the pill in liver sausage and convince her to consume it, she gets more active and will take a little food. It seems to make her feel better which is all I can hope for at this point. I will probably take my other old guy to the vet as ask about Previcox for his stiff joints as well.

Author: Sassy
Location: home
Better than Dynamaxx

Fast Pain Relief!
Author: Paul Clayton
Location: Perris California
This seems to work the best of everything I've tried. It does give my dog a slight upset stomach and once he threw it back up. It is a lot better than the pain he was in and I am adjusting when I give him the medication to see if that helps.

Good Product
Author: David
Location: Lansing, NC
Good (though expensive) product. On Rimadyl (for arthritis pain) my dog, Shelley, very quickly started having stomach bleeding/ulcer. None of that problem with this medication. Supplementing this with Dasuquin and multi-vitamins, she's improved a lot.

Author: N. Croft
Location: Cleveland, OH
My Dudley has degenerative hip disease and needs to take an antinflammatory daily. Through my vet I was paying $3.50 per tablet, $35.00 for a box of ten. Through Vetdepot I can get exactly the same medication at about a third of the price, just a bit over $1.00 per tablet.

Thank you vetdepot.

Great Price and delivery!
Author: FurryMom
Location: San Rafael, CA
VERY happy customer! This price is much less than my Vet's office and the delivery time was perfect. My 14 y.o. dog really needs this med every day and now that it's more affordable and I know the delivery is reliable, I'm ordering from here every month.

Helps with Anxiety
Author: Rita
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Our German Shepherd has a fatal fungus, so we have to be careful if new medicines go with what he already has. Our doctor felt this was one of the best ones for him. The real purpose was to settle his evening anxiety which it has somewhat. The idea is to lessen his pain so he is less anxious about other things. We hadn't thought he was in pain, but since this is helping, he obviously has been. He still has some anxiety, but not nearly as much.

Saved a lot
Author: Tammie
Location: Harrisburg PA
This is a great savings for my mom who is retired, and its the same product that she got from the vet at almost double the price.

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