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Reviews for Previcox 227 mg, 120 Tablets (Firocoxib) (1016353)

Did the trick!
Author: Liz
Location: McLean, VA
Joey, our Bernese/Pyrenees mix, began suffering from arthritis in his hips (he is almost 8). Our vet prescribed Previcox 227 and Joey improved almost overnight. VetDepot has been our go-to for quality, timeliness and cost. Thanks.

Author: Jana Westing
Location: Pittsburg PA
Previcox worked great on my dog's arthritis pain!

Previcox 227 mg, 120 Tablets (Firocoxib)
Author: Denise J
Bonanza V is doing so much better. He has been within hours of my euthanizing him. The DVM had started him on 57mg qd, leaving him "stuck" atop one of our hills, unable to travel to his water trough. We live "in the sticks"-home to Mountain Lions, coyotes, bobcats etc. Ridiculous! Within 6-10 days, he is ambulating far better than had been the past 2 yrs.

Bute Mobic Feroxicam &/or Celebrex didn't cut it. He's far happier. I had read many blogs suggesting that the 227mg dosage whether single or bid (1/2) has had phenomenal positive results. Count me as one of those (+) customers. What a relief! I've had to put 3 Varian Arabs down (at a variety of ages-12, 14 & 15yrs) 2ndary to their suboptimal responses to Bute. Meanwhile, I have a 37 & 33 yr olds-Spanish Arabs=NOT Varian!! Who have never required medication, have ridden multi 100 milers & would readily do Tevis again this year-unmedicated!!

I've lost my parents-Dad 4 yrs ago & my Mom 4 months ago-I didn't need more ....demise.

Thank u for your prompt shipment, my poor Bonanza was on his last leg!

Denise J.

I've recommended your establishment to my "new vet' & my other equestrian officionados:)

Previcox 227 mg, 120 Tablets (Firocoxib)
Author: donna
Location: Illinois
First used this prescription for our Mastiff and was very pleased with the pain relief for her. Currently, I use it for my very senior Paint Horse that is retired because of arthritis but still has some very good days and romps and plays with routine use of this prescription.

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