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Reviews for Pet-Tinic, 4 oz (120 ml) (1011350)

Cats like it
Author: EE
Good for the kittens

Good product
Author: Martha Lindquist
Location: Cumberland, RI
My vet recommended Pet-Tinic when my 17-year old cat's blood work showed his iron to be low. He has been on it for about two years and now his fur is soft and he is doing great. I put a little in his wet food every day. Good service and best price.

Good Product!
Author: Kathy
Location: Texas
My vet prescribed this for our 19 year-old kitty. It has made a tremendous difference in his activity level. He seems more like he did in his younger years. We will definitely continue using this product.

good vitamin supplement
Author: PawPlace
Location: Canton, Ohio
I've been using Pet Tinic for years for our beloved shelter cats and dogs. A liquid is easier to give, especially for ailing or finicky pets. This is a great price too. We buy in quantity and save about $6 a bottle over what is charged in the vet's office.

Great Product
Author: Unknown
My dog has moderate kidney disease and had become mildly anemic. The vet recommended Pet Tinic. It's working! She is no longer anemic and feels much better. Great product!

Author: SUE
Location: MIami, FL
I bought this because my dog had anemia. It quickly helped him regain his red blood cells, increased his appetite and he just looks so much better! I just wish they sold in in larger bottles. Thank you!

Author: April
Location: Nevada
Great price and very fast shipping. It was recommended by the vet as he said my old doggie is anemic. It has helped her gain weight by increasing her food consumption. I mix it in her canned food and blend it with her dry food.

Pet-Tinic, 4 oz
Author: Mary
Location: Oregon
Good product for pets who need the extra nutritional supplements and for pets who need a boost in their appetites. We have two small dogs who are using it. They seem to like the taste, too.

Pet-Tinic, 4 oz (120 ml)
Author: Ruth
My dog is a senior service dog, retired, with cancer. Pet Tinic was prescribed by her vet. In a very short time, it helped her recover from anemia. Thank you for helping her out.

Seeing good results
Author: CB
Location: Evanston, IIL
My 13 yr old weimaraner started on pet-tinic 2 weeks ago and is seeing improvement in energy and overall health. Happy with the product and received it in good time. Sorry to see it doesn't come in a bigger size b/c i need more for my big guy!

Vet Recommended
Author: Christina
My vet recommended this for my cat whose iron levels were a little low. He was charging for the 1oz bottle the same that vet depot has the 4oz bottle. I can't say that it's made any dramatic change in my cats behavior, but his iron appears to be better. He also doesn't seem to notice it when I mix it in his food, which is always good. I also started giving it to my other cat who is beginning to get up there in age. She is very finicky when it comes to food and she too doesn't notice when I mix this in.

I personally don't like that corn syrup, water, and sugar are the first 3 ingredients, but I guess I give them so little that it shouldn't affect them much. Still, I prefer if these ingredients were not in anything that I feed my cats.

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