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Reviews for Pet-Ema Feline 125 mg, 6 mL (1011895)

A Must Have for Cats with Megacolon
Author: Mary
<p>My cat's vet gave me my first Pet-ema to use at home for my cat who has megacolon. Three weeks of continual visits to the vet for enemas were both costly and stressful. Fortunately, my cat is very compliant. I hold him on my lab, rub Vaseline on his booty and a generous amount of KY jelly on the end of the syringe and insert it slowly and gently. Less than a minute later he visits the litterbox and then several times afterward. For me, it's neither messy nor difficult; in fact, it's easier for both my cat and me than giving liquid medicine orally. Without Pet-ema my cat would have to either have risky surgery or be put to sleep.</p>

Author: umterp76
Location: 20905
Excellent product! Really works. Try to give to cat on empty stomach; otherwise, be prepared for some throwing up.

Author: Andie
Location: San Diego, CA
Pet-Ema is easy to use, works quickly to relieve feline constipation and far less costly than a trip to the Vet. Know that cats have a reflex that will cause them to vomit after you administer this or any type of enema so it is best to give first thing in the morning before they have eaten anything other than water. It also helps to have another person to hold the cat on his/her left side as they will not take to having an enema. This product has saved me a lot of money in Vet bills. I highly recommend it.

Great product
Author: Bret
Location: AZ
Our cat is 18 years old and suffering from chronic constipation. This product is convenient to use and works quickly. Works in 20 minutes, faster than going to the vet and allot less traumatic.

I'm sure this saved my pet's life
Author: Sari
Location: New York, NY
I am retired and on a fixed income, and had to spend almost $800.00 when I took my pet to the vet for an fecal impaction. He's only 1, but had this problem since I adopted him from an animal care center when he was two months. My only other option was to have him put to sleep, but this product works immediately and the amount of feces released was unbelievable. The quality and price are recommendable. I found out about it while searching for help online. I am still working with his vet regarding diet, exercise, food allergies,and am gradually switching him to wet food. Some of the dry food seems to mix like mud in his gut. For others who have the horrible decision of putting their pet to sleep because of the cost of treatment, I'd try this product, as well as diet,stool softeners and exercise. Hopefully, when his gut cleans out, and his lifestyle changes, he will not have recurrent episodes. Regardless, this product gave him some added days. :-)

love this product
Author: Beth
My cat had been dealing with extreme constipation for about a year now. Since using this product things are moving along splendidly. Pet-ema is very convenient, very reasonably priced, and remarkably easy to use. It has been a life saver! I would recommend it to anyone with similar cat issues.

Pet-Ema Feline
Author: Kiro
Location: New York,NY
Easy to use and works immediately.

Pet-Ema Feline - Great product!
Author: Carol
Location: Colorado
My cat is 19 years old and suffering from various age-related conditions, including chronic constipation. This product is convenient to use and works quickly. I'm sure it's extending his quality of life.

Pet-Ema Feline 125 mg, 6 mL
Author: jethro
Location: usa
Exact brand purchased at vet's office & repeatedly proven effective on a stubborn situation. Convenient size; exact amount for 1 dosing to a cat.

Pet-Ema Feline 125 mg, 6 mL
Author: Jacqueline
Location: Green Cove Springs, Fl.
VetDepot is great, this product saved my cat's life several times, he is 19 years old with mega-colon. The vet charges hundreds of dollars each time he has to go to get cleaned out! These work fast and effectively, great product and you can't beat the price. Product is always shipped quickly too, smooth transaction all the way around. Thanks Vet Depot! So glad I found you!

Pet-Ema Feline 125 mg, 6 mL
Author: Daniel Miller
Location: Ottawa IL
These pet enemas are the best! I have a 14 year old cat with megacolon and I use these when he has blockages and within an hour or two he passes the blockage and is doing great.

Pet-Ema Feline 125 mg, 6 mL
Author: N W
My cat has developed bowel problems after his rectal surgery. He is unable to pass firm stools because of scarring. I have had to use this product many times to help him pass stools that have become too hard. I had originally bought them from my vet for $7 each. Since I sometimes have to use 1-2 times a week, finding them at this price has helped us. The vet states that it is OK to use them twice a week if we need to.

Author: Livia
Location: Grove City ohio
The product was delivered quickly. The price was reasonable. I was glad to hear that I could purchase this without a prescription. I have 4 cats with chronic diseases, so it is nice to save money where I can. Also, I knew exactly how much to give my cat. I have given mineral oil enemas for humans, but never know how much to do. I liked this product. It worked and my cat didn't look greasy and nasty afterwards!! It is less messy for sure! Thanks!

The results were a great relief.
Author: Heather
Location: Phoenix, AZ
<p>I received the order in a reasonable time frame. They were very easy to use on my kitty. The results were a great relief.</p>

Works Like a Charm!!!
Author: kbwalker
Location: Burtonsville, MD
"Pet-Ema Feline 125 mg, 6 mL eases constipation and minimizes associated discomfort in cats." This product is incredible. My cat, Chessie, is almost 23 years old and suffers from chronic constipation. We've tried stool softeners, sub Q fluids, wet food with no grain, and other recommendations. This product works wonders and is great to see my cat going without straining. She is so happy with her new status, she has become so active again! That said, the constipation is chronic, so we still need to give her an EMA every week or so. My cat is very cooperative and I can give it to her myself, but you should probably have another person available. After I give the EMA, she stays in a small bathroom with 2 clean litter boxes, towels, and newspaper on the floor. It can take 12-24 hours for impacted feces to completely evacuate. It's quite shocking to see how much comes out, but it really works. The EMA gives my cat comfort and gives us both more time together. I highly recommend this product!!!

Works Well
Author: Laura
<p>I have a paraplegic cat who is also a Manx (narrower colon) who gets constipated on occasion and requires manual expression. I use a little of the pet-ema on occasion to help get things moving again. It works well.</p>

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